Green Festival Speakers

Devorah Freudiger



Devorah Freudiger got a job as a barista in a downtown coffee shop because she thought it would be a fun way to spend her first summer in San Francisco before moving on to bigger and better things. Seven years and six summers later, nothing has been bigger or better to Devorah than the specialty coffee industry. In this time she has had the chance to work with more amazing people than she can count and has tasted coffees that changed her life. Devorah helped to open Ritual Coffee roasters as their first employee where she learned about coffee, barista craft and roasting. It was there that she cupped coffee for the first time and realized all the many flavors possible in a simple cup. Then she spent time in the frozen northeast as the Retail Trainer for Gimme Coffee, there she led weekly public cuppings and created a brew to order coffee program. She finally returned to California to make her home at Equator Coffees, where she is learning about the wholesale coffee world. Here she is surrounded by some of the most amazing coffees she has ever tasted and is fortunate enough to work with the smartest team she has ever met. Devorah thinks being a barista is the best job in the world, and warns all the new baristas she works with that once you get a taste of how superb coffee and coffee culture can be, you might never set down the cup.