Green Festival Speakers

Joan Friedlander

Joan Friedlander, owner of Lifework Business Partners, is a published author, professional coach, and skilled facilitator. Joan specializes in working closely with selfemployed parent entrepreneurs working from a homebased office through her BPod program. Working with six business owners at a time, she helps them to scale up to the next phase of growth using a 3pronged approach: improve market positioning, address competing priorities associated with being a parent and business owner, and with building a virtual business team to reduce their personal workload. In all her work Joan champions a workstyle approach towards business success: productive, sustainable and humanfriendly. She lives in northern Virginia, where she works with clients from all over the United States and Canada.

Joan has been a sustaining supporter of Green America since 2003. Since early 2009, after moving to Virginia, she has been volunteering regularly at the D.C. headquarters in the Green Business Network department. In early 2010 she worked closely with one of the staff members to develop a pilot mentoring program for members of the Green Business Network.

Joan is coauthor of Women, Work and Autoimmune Disease: Keep Working Girlfriend, and of two business workbooks: Grow Up Your Business: Stop Flying by the Seat of Your Pants, and The Master Calendar Solution: Focus on What's Most Important, Profit from What You Do Best. For more information about Joan's work, visit www.lifeworkpartners.com.