Green Festival Speakers

Erin Fristad



Fristad survived fifteen years as a deckhand on a wide array of vessels and adventures. Fristad chased herring near Togiak, Alaska; crab off the Columbia River; salmon more places than she can remember; and for five years pursued fish in the name of science. Eventually, the tide brought her to Port Townsend, Washington where she continues to write, teach and work as Campus Director of Goddard College. Fristad was a subject in the documentary film, FISHER POETS. Fristad's poems have been published in anthologies and journals including: Rosebud, Americas Review, The Blue Collar Review, Hanging Loose, The Seattle Review, Working the Woods, Working the Sea: An Anthology of Northwest Writing and Poets of the American West. Her Poem, Advice to Female Deckhands was included on a CD produced by the Salmon Nation Artists Project. Fristad's newest work is memoir, thinly disguised as fiction.