Green Festival Speakers

Carin Froehlich


Carin Froehlich is the author of Laundry Wisdom: Instructions for a Greener ; Cleaner Life and believes that our environment will suffer thanks in part to some of the new, stateoftheart, overpriced appliances and thoughtless, damaging products that are being marketed. The first book of its kind, Laundry Wisdom offers fascinating information as well as helpful tips, including how to make costsaving laundry products at home that can do the same job as what the expensive store brands do.

Froehlich has added laundry to the American experience thanks to her slim volume that tackles many facets of one of the most hated but necessary household chores, which includes rich stories about generations of doing laundry. Readers may be surprised to discover that there are places in America where it is illegal to hang wet laundry out to dry. They will also yield the rewards from the author's research for a greener way of life so that they can make their own decisions about how they want to do their laundry.

Carin Froehlich is an accomplished entrepreneur known for introducing the first hospital gown with a closed back in 1982, patent pending. Carin also reestablished her family's business, Ingleby Farms, a specialty food company. Now retired, she resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with her family while tending to her grandchildren and her awardwinning gardens. Find out more about the author at www.laundrywisdom.com.