Green Festival Speakers

FrontRange Earth Force



Earth Force engages young people as active citizens who improve the environment and their communities now and in the future.

In this era of rapid global change, we face what may be humanitysgreatest challenge. The rate at which humans are changing theenvironment dwarfs all previous experiences in terms of its speed, thescale of its consequences and in the numbers of people who will beaffected.

Alarmingly, the generation of Americans that will soon be called uponto address these challengesthose currently in our schoolshave alimited understanding of environmental issues, our civic system and/orhow to develop and implement balanced solutions to natural resourcechallenges.

The problem is not a shortage of environmental information. There isplenty of information with media saturation of environmental stories atan all time high. The problem is that we have not fostered youngpeoples ability to critically assess that information and use it tomake sound choices.

National Science Foundations Advisory Committee for EnvironmentalResearch and Education points to the center of issue when they said inthe coming decades, the public will more frequently be called upon tounderstand complex environmental issues, assess risk, evaluate proposedenvironmental plans and understand how individual decisions affect theenvironment at the local and global scale.

Our Response
Now is the time to foster a scientifically capable and civicallyengaged populace. Through Earth Force young people get handson,realworld opportunities to practice civic skills, acquire andunderstand environmental knowledge, and develop the skills andmotivation to become lifelong leaders in addressing environmentalissues.

Earth Force achieves these results by training and supporting educatorsas they implement our unique sixstep model for engaging young people.Thanks to 10 years of rigorous evaluation, we know that our modelpositions young people to use their creativity and passion to play ameaningful role in environmental decisionmaking.

Earth Force knows that little can be accomplished by working alone. Tomeet our goals, Earth Force partners with businesses, schools,communitybased organizations and civic leaders nationwide.