Gavin Raders is a co-founder of Planting Justice. He is passionate about social justice through a deep connection to land, place and community. He has designed and installed scores of urban permaculture designs, and works to make permaculture accessible, affordable and empowering in low income communities. He received a BA in Cultural Anthropology at UC Berkeley, and currently serves as the Executive Director of Planting Justice.


What I do at Holstee: Mad scientist responsible for letting the world know about Holstee.
Favorite quote: "Whatever you do, do it for peace" - John Lennon
Recommended Book: A Confederacy of Dunces - John Kennedy Toole
Favorite Holstee Design: The BLACK Wallet
Culinary Specialty: Hummus
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Ranganathan is the Director of Programs at Transportation Choices Coalition, a statewide non-profit focused on bringing residents more opportunities to take transit, walk or bike. A self described transportation geek, Ranganathan joined the Transportation Choices team in 2007, working on education and outreach efforts throughout Washington State helping residents chose transportation alternatives that work for them. Before TCC, Ranganathan spent time in the other Washington working on federal transportation policy as a transportation policy analyst at the Washington DC-based Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI). Ranganathan has also worked on community based outreach at the Casey Trees Endowment Fund. Ranganathan is an avid traveler and loves trying out transit systems with her husband in cities around the world.



Ahmed Rahim is the Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Alchemist behind Numi Organic Tea, the largest premium, organic, Fair Trade Certified tea company in North America. Ahmed is responsible for all of the unique Numi blends and products. Numi has developed meaningful partnerships based on mutual gratitude, and has been involved in sponsoring schools, hospitals, community centers, road construction and other needs to improve living standards in farming communities. Ahmed sits on various boards and works with non-profit organizations to infuse art and nature into inner city communities, and mentors for-profit companies on enhancing their growth and sustainability goals. In 2011, Ahmed helped launch the nation’s first Waldorf-inspired multi-lingual, multi-cultural K-4 charter school. Ahmed’s core goal is to be of service to those focused on caring for their community and creating positive change for our environment.


As chief marketing officer at Numi, Reem Rahim heads all marketing efforts including all package design. Reem is fluent in all aspects of tea, including its history and cultivation as well as product development of Numis full leaf quality tea and organic and fair trade sourcing. After earning her B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University, Reem switched gears and went on to pursue a Diploma dArte in Drawing and Painting from Lorenzo di Medici Art Institute in Florence, Italy and then a Masters in Fine Arts from John F. Kennedy University in the department of Arts ; Consciousness Studies. Reems hand painted original paintings inspired by her brother and cofounders photography grace Numis packaging.

Along with her brother, Ahmed, Reem is a chief contributor and cocreator of Numis green and sustainable values. These efforts consist of partnering with Freeset, a textile cooperative in Calcutta, India that provides sewing and literacy skills to women once in the prostitution trade, to initiation of Numis nonprofit organization and the social and environmental causes it supports. Reem continues to create art in her studio in Oakland, California and is fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic.

Shadi Rahimi are the cofounder of Seventh Native American Generation (SNAG) Magazine. Shadi Rahimi can be seen on CurrenTV and is the communications director of the W. Haywood Burns Institute (BI) and the Community Justice Network for Youth (CJNY) and freelances for the Native American newspaper Indian Country Today.



Born and raised in India, Monisha Raja graduated from Parsons School of Design, NY with a BFA in Fashion Design. Prior to launching LOVE IS MIGHTY, Monisha had a eponymous clothing line and has worked as a freelance designer on shoe brands as diverse as Tory Burch, Max Azria, Nicole Miller, Banana Republic and BCBG.

A lover of animals, nature and adventure, Monisha launched her vegan line of shoes, LOVE IS MIGHTY, in 2011 with the vision of bridging the dying world of indigenous arts and the world of modern innovation and design. The debut collection includes exquisite handwork created in collaboration with tribal artisans in India.

An avid painter, Monisha has exhibited widely. She teaches yoga and lives in New York City.



Sanjay Rajan, Chief Co(r)evolution Officer, SLOWCOLOR, grew up in Hyderabad, India. He has lived and worked in multiple countries on multiple continents and first arrived in the US in 1992. Rajan completed an MS Computer Systems Engineering from Northeastern University in 1995. And holds dual executive MBA global degrees from Columbia and London Business Schools, 2011.

Since 1997 Boulder, Colorado has been his home. Rajan has always had a focus on community: He served as Art Commissioner for City of Boulder, ensuring judicious allocation of public funds for community-based art initiatives. And was Peak Steward and Volunteer Crew Leader with Colorado Fourteeners Initiative, managing and coordinating high-impact environmental projects on Colorado’s tallest peaks.

In 2009 Rajan was struck by reports of the rash of suicides among weavers around Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Recognizing the still undervalued asset of India’s rich textile heritage, Rajan got to work and envisioned SLOWCOLOR, a social enterprise that could preserve this heritage and drive change for environmental sustainability and social impact. Mahatma Gandhi is Rajan’s personal hero. And it is fitting that SLOWCOLOR focuses on developing stronger markets for India’s handloom sector. Further SLOWCOLOR focuses on rejuvenating natural dyeing traditions and works exclusively with plant and mineral-based dyes for all its products.

Rajan firmly believes business has to be an affective agent for world benefit. Using the social enterprise model, Rajan challenges all stakeholders to reevaluate the role of business in society.


Jessica Raker has over 8 years of clean energy project experience. She currently works on Northwest SEED’s Solarize program and leads the Tribal Energy Program. Jessica also provides technical expertise on other Northwest SEED clean energy projects, such as collecting and analyzing data from small wind turbines, as well as the resource evaluation of potential wind and solar energy sites. Since joining Northwest SEED she has completed certificate programs in GIS technology and Energy Management. She holds a B.A. from Wesleyan University and a MSME from the University of Washington.


David Ralston has been a redevelopment project manager for the City of Oakland's Community and Economic Development Agency for the last eightyears piloting open space, neighborhood greenway infrastructure and infill development projects in East Oakland that combine community engagement and strategic sustainable planning with local green job opportunities. With a background in city planning and architecture, Ralston also teaches as an adjunct at the Merritt College EnvironmentalManagement and Technology Department in Oakland.David Ralston has been a redevelopment project manager for the City of Oakland's Community and Economic Development Agency for the last eightyears piloting open space, neighborhood greenway infrastructure and infill development projects in East Oakland that combine community engagement and strategic sustainable planning with local green job opportunities. With a background in city planning and architecture, Ralston also teaches as an adjunct at the Merritt College Environmental Management and Technology Department in Oakland.


Ramer is a leading social entrepreneur, communications designer and selfdescribed realistic optimist who has long recognized



Ramos is Vice President, CRA Officer, and Compliance Officer at ShoreBank. He also serves on the Advisory Compliance Committee of the Illinois Bankers Association.



Eco Extraordinaress, and LEED AP, Alegre Ramos has been practicing environmental design for seven years and has lived the green movement personally her whole life, giving up soda at 11, nail polish at 18 and hair chemicals at 20. She started Green and Greener, an eco-living general store and design center located in Valley Village in 2006 as a one-stop shop and community resource where people could learn everything about how to live, work and build greener. Before starting Green and Greener she launched numerous new products in the home/shelter industry and managed the marketing of numerous national public radio programs with a special emphasis on environmental programming.



Sandy Ramsey is Executive Director of Cornerstone Community Outreach. She has been working with the homeless since 1979. Currently she oversees two shelter programs totaling 300 people which includes families with children, single fathers with children, and intergenerational families.


As writer/producer/founder, Pearl has produced performing arts programs throughout the country for almost 20 years and her passions lie in social justice, race reconciliation/healing, being a catalyst for progressive change that sees ALL people as deserving of an equitable pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and professional community theatre performance that is used as a vehicle for conscious community change; each community being the world, one performance at a time. Her Troubadour Ensemble launches an innovative radio/web/musical theatrical series with a focus in ol' time storytelling that fuses new digital technology and threads a very acoustic/folk/urban/classical musical component into its performances.


Apoorva Rangan is speaking as a representative of EngageHer.org. She is a 15 year old high school sophomore who attends The College Preparatory School in Oakland, CA. She also cofounded Project Jatropha, an international nonprofit collaboration which fights against climate change and poverty in rural India. Apoorva has won several international and national environmental awards. She heads the finance department of Project Jatropha. She recently joined EngageHer.org and is a leader in the youth group.



Ranganathan is the Director of Programs at Transportation Choices Coalition, a statewide non profit focused on bringing residents more opportunities to take transit, walk or bike. A selfdescribed transportation geek, Ranganathan joined the Transportation Choices team in 2007 working on education and outreach efforts throughout Washington State helping residents chose transportation alternatives that work for them. Before TCC, Ranganathan spent time in the other Washington working on federal transportation policy as a transportation policy analyst at the Washington DCbased Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI). Ranganathan has also worked on communitybased outreach at the Casey Trees Endowment Fund. Ranganathan is an avid traveler and loves trying out transit systems with her husband in cities around the world.



With a chemical and environmental engineering background, Rao is the executive director of Literacy for Environmental Justice in Bayview Hunter's Point and serves on the advisory board of the Urban Alliance for Sustainability.



Nick Rapattoni is a composer, producer, and performer from Los Angeles currently scoring original music for TV and film. With 30 years of experience, he has a wide range of talents that provides a polished and soulful edge to everything he touches. From high energy, to moody, to inspirational and thought provoking, Nick can create any musical texture needed.


James is the current Coordinator of Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition / Technical Advisory Group. He has had a long background with environmental work on the Duwamish River. James is a current member of the Duwamish Tribe and has served on the tribal council for twenty-five years. He is a founding member of DRCC as well as founding member and past president of The Green Duwamish Watershed Alliance and a founding member of WRIA #9 that oversees all aspects of Listing of Coho Salmon as threatened in the Green Duwamish Watershed and putting together the WRIA #9 habitat plan. He has been working on all aspects and issues on the Duwamish River: creating habitat, identifying pollution sources, working with polluters and industry as well as the Port of Seattle, City of Seattle and King County, WA Dept. of Ecology and EPA along with community groups as well as tribes to clean up and create opportunities for a better Duwamish River.


Sofia Ratcovich ha vivido en West Hollywood desde que llego a los Estados Unidos hace 23 anos. Es madre de dos ninos Gabo 6 y Kadyn 4. Ella trabaja para The Lee Andrews Group como consultora de sostenibilidad y se especialisa en extension a la communidad en various proyectos grandes de construccion en toda el area metropolitana de Los Angeles. Como voluntaria para la organizacion Sustainable Works, ha ensenado “Talleres de Vida Verde” para residentes de Santa Monica. Esta acreditada por el USGBC como asociado LEED, y por Build It Green como una profesional certificada de construcion verde (CGBP). Se graduara de California State University Dominguez Hills el proximo ano con una licenciatura en Negociaciones, Resolucion de Conflictos y Consolidacion de Paz.



Dylan Ratigan is the host of MSNBC’s "The Dylan Ratigan Show," one of the highest-rated daytime shows on the network. This make-versus-take, analysis-driven daily broadcast fearlessly takes on the world of politics, money, and the unholy alliance between big business and government.

The former global managing editor for corporate finance at Bloomberg News, Ratigan has developed and launched more than half a dozen broadcast and new media properties. They include CNBC’s Fast Money and Closing Bell, as well as DylanRatigan.com, which is home to his podcast, “Greedy Bastards Antidote.”

Ratigan left as host of Fast Money in 2009, provoked by outrage over the government’s handling of the 2008 financial crisis. Since then, he has dedicated his work to launching platforms that engage and debate the U.S. government on policy, while opening the door for millions to learn more about money’s often poisonous role in our democracy. His first book, the New York Times bestseller Greedy Bastards, details this broken system. More importantly, it illustrates how fixing these problems will release a renaissance of growth and innovation.

Since late September 2011, more than 300,000 people have pledged support, millions of dollars have been raised, and an organization with a staff of a dozen people has been formed under Ratigan’s leadership to pursue the singular objective to pass a 28th Constitutional amendment to separate business and state. You can learn more at http://unitedrepublic.org" target="_blank">UnitedRepublic.org.


Beth Rattner is the vice president of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, a nonprofit founded on the work of William McDonough and Michael Braungart. Beth is an attorney, has worked for over a decade with Fortune 500 companies, is a permaculture practitioner, writer, and student of herbal medicine and homeopathy. She deeply believes, the problem is the solution, and is dedicated to creating a world that works for 10 billion or more.

Prior to this position, Beth worked for years with McDonough and Braungart on the forthcoming sequel to Cradle to Cradle. She infused that same thinking into her client engagements with Blu Skye Sustainability Consultants, where she managed the Microsoft engagement, among others. Formerly with Hewlett Packard, Beth helped establish its Emerging Market Solutions (EMS) group, a group established to amplify ecological, social and economic development for the Bottom of the Pyramid and adjacent economic markets, while returning profitable incremental annual revenue for HP. Prior to HP, she worked for a KleinerPerkins startup, Icarian, and America Online's AOL.com division, architecting business development strategies and deals.


Chef Rawsheed is one of the country’s finest raw/living foods culinary artists and is expanding his experience as a gourmet raw food chef into the marketing of his prepared raw foods into health food and grocery chains and restaurants throughout California.

Combining his 17 years of experience as a raw foods alchemist with his knowledge of health and nutrition, Rawsheed has now made available products for the larger community of individuals interested in taking the next step in their personal health and nutrition.

Rawsheed launched his packaged food-line, this past Spring in local Southern California health food stores including Erewhon, Co-Opportunity, Follow Your Heart, PC Greens, One Life Food, VP Discount, Belmont Heritage and OHappy Days in the Los Angeles area as well as Orange County and San Diego stores. He has now expanded into the upper-mainstream and nationwide chain of Whole Foods Grocers.

Rawsheed is on the cutting edge of sharing these lifestyle-changing foods to the millions of Americans who are looking for ways to improve the quality of their health through improved dietary habits.

Rayne Oakes


Oakes, now a resident expert and host on Treehugger.com and Discovery Networks Planet Green channel, is an entomologist and environmental scientist by training.



Shiva Rea is a yogini firekeeper, sacred activist, global adventurer and leading innovator in the evolution of Prana Flow Yoga, transformational Vinyasa flow integrating the Tantric bhakti roots of yoga, Krishnamacharya's teachings and a universal, quantum approach to the body. Shiva is known for bringing the roots of yoga alive for modern practitioners in creative, dynamic and life-transforming ways and for offering the synthesis form of prana flow out in the world. Shiva is the creator of Prana Flow Yoga, Yogadventure Retreats, Yoga Trance Dance for Life, Moving Activism for 1,008,000 Trees, the worldwide Global Mala Project, Yogini Conferences and E2: The Evolutionary Edge Tour. She writes for Yoga Journal and Yoga International, and contributes to many publications and features.


Donna Read has been directing films about women and the earth for thirty years. Her work with Starhawk includes, The Women and Spirituality series, and Signs out of Time, the story of archaeologist, Marija Gimbutas. She enjoys helping others tell their stories and realize their vision in this new digital era.

Real People-Real Makeovers-Real Impact

Rose Thornton is the Producer and Creator of Mission: Sustainable and coowner of ReGeneration Productions. Through this project, Thornton marries her experience in art and science and fulfills her dream to communicate the ideals and practice of urban sustainability. Jon Sumple, director of Mission: Sustainable and coowner of ReGeneration Productions has written, directed and edited numerous corporate videos and several independent video projects during his 25+ years in the marketing industry. Cast members present will include cohosts Megan Hilfer of Parsons Public Relations and Nathan Friend of KUOW; Food Consultant and local chef and author Becky Selengut, Personal Care Consultant and internationally read ecoblogger Deanna Duke; Landscape Consultant and owner of In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes Ladd Smith; Transportation Consultant Eric Kocaja of Zipcar; and Outdoor Consultants Stephanie Toler of Sage Clean and buphalo (Mark Tomkiewicz) of Nature Consortium.


Peter Realmuto started his company in 1997 as furniture repair service for several Merchandise Mart showrooms, highend furniture stores and interior design firms. He is the second generation in his family in this type of work.

The company began expanding offerings to include major repair work and antique restoration. Much of this time was spent working out of a shop in my garage. In 2000 things grew to the point that real shop space was needed.

In 2001 the company incorporated as Realmuto Furniture Works, Inc. with the offering of commissioned furniture making services in addition to the repair and restoration work. In furniture making, he is self taught (and a voracious reader/student!).

In the summer of 2005 he decided to go green with the company and to change the mix by adding more furniture making and cutting back on service in the field. He wanted the company to reflect his values. He spent the rest of the year planning, designing and implementing the changes.

In January 2006 he started marketing his own designs as well as some reproduction pieces. And finally January 2007 the name of the company was changed to to Pacific Furniture Company to complete the transformation.

Rebecca Martin


Rebecca Martin has been telling tales all over California and in even a bit in Scotland for over a decade. She started out a long time ago in a bookstore when she was the only staff member who didn't seem to mind wearing the big-headed costumes sent from the publishers for Saturday storytime. Soon enough she took over storyhour and was performing and learning the traditional art of storytelling. Listeners started inviting her to schools and parties.After graduating with honors from the University of California at Santa Barbara with two degrees - one in literature and one in acting, she became a drama teacher and music director, and continued more and more to do professional storytelling at schools, libraries, and many community events and fundraisers, which she does now all over Los Angeles County and beyond. Her stories come from countries and traditions around the world, with a special emphasis on those of the Celtic tradition, having a fondness for Fairies, giants, and all forms of magical beings. Her telling style is animated, vibrant and interactive, inviting audience members to travel with her to the realm of imagination.She has been a resident storyteller in Los Angeles schools, works with Dreamshapers, taught at Montessori school and can be seen on PBS on Pigglys Storyteller Playhouse.

She does grown-up acting too, performing her one-woman show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1997. After studying acting in the original homeland of the Bard, London, she performed in several Shakespeare festivals and plays here in California.Rebecca also writes and has conducted poetry workshops for children and adults, as well as newspaper articles and travel writing whenever the opportunity arises.

Recycled Runway


Recycled runway is a student run club at The New School. We take pre-existing items bound for landfill and refashion them into clothing. By doing this, the usefulness of the discarded item is extended, and the question is raised: What is trash? Our goal is to make people question their relationship with waste, and the things they interact with everyday, like clothing.


Helen Reddout resides in the Yakima Valley of Washington state where she and her family have operated commercial cherry orchards for more than 57 years. Helen is President of CARE (Community Association for Restoration of the Environment) and director of the Dairy Education Alliance that organized in response to the invasion of polluting dairy factories near her farm. CARE won a landmark federal court case, which forced mega dairy polluters to obey the Clean Water Act. Another precedent-setting Federal court case was won in 2012 regarding dairy pollution.

Helen conducts air and water testing and public education programs about the damaging impacts of factory farming. The Washington Environmental Council has honored Helen with an Environmental Hero Award for her work. Helen is featured in Senator John Kerry’s book This Moment in Time and is a main character chronicled in the nonfiction book Animal Factory. She organized and participated in the Emmy Award winning film Dairyman Blues. As a farmer and community activist, Helen is a strong supporter of sustainable and socially responsible agriculture.



Desireé Reese handles commercial marketing for Clean Currents (www.cleancurrents.com), a green energy company that serves residents and businesses in the Mid-Atlantic. Clean Currents is the first and only energy company in Maryland to be certified B Corp, Gold certified by Green America and classified as a Benefit LLC. Formerly, Desiree was the Deputy Director of Green America’s Green Business Network. She led GBN partnerships, social media and marketing, membership development, and the national green business education program.

In her previous role in GBN, Desiree worked to understand the needs and challenges of green businesses—from financing to marketing to improving sustainability performance, and designed the tools and solutions they needed to help them thrive in today's competitive marketplace. As a small business owner, Desireé operated her own mediation practice serving private clients and government agencies.

She graduated from the Executive Nonprofit Management program at Georgetown University and completed undergraduate studies in Business Administration/Human Resource Management.



Rob Reeves has enjoyed recruiting for a long time. He founded Redfish Technology in 1996, and has taken it from apredominantly West Coast Technical recruiter to a nationwide, full service firm specializing in High Tech and Clean Tech sectors.

Rob entered the recruiting industry in 1995 with EmersoftCorporation after graduating with a dual major in Finance and Japanese from the University of Washington. He successfully managed and trained recruiters until eventually founding RedfishTechnology in 1997. His leadership brought Redfish from apredominantly West Coast Technical Recruiting focus to a nationwide, full service staffing firm specializing in the High Techand Clean Tech sectors.

With a passion for life and adventure, Rob has lived abroad in Kobe, Japan and (with his wife and kids) and in Sonora, Mexico. Rob currently resides in the Northern Rockies of Sun Valley, Idaho and enjoys skiing, hiking, golf, playing guitar and spending time with his wife and two children.


Richard Register, Founder and President of Ecocity Builders, is one of the world's great theorists and authors in ecological city design and planning. He is also a practitioner with four decades of experience activating local projects, pushing establishment buttons and working with environmentalists and developers to get a better city built and running. Among his many firsts, he convened the first of the Ecocity International Conference Series in Berkeley, California. He was founding president of Urban Ecology (1975) and founder and current president of Ecocity Builders (1992), both nonprofit educational organizations. Richard illustrates his own writing, and his books are considered as pleasurable for his imaginative drawings as profound in their ecological urban philosophies and visions. Register is the author of Ecocities: Building cities in balance with nature (2002), Ecocity Berkeley: Building cities for a healthy future (1987), and Another Beginning (1978). He is editor of Village Wisdom/Future Cities (1997).



Brian Reich is senior vice president - global editor for Edelman, where he provides editorial vision and strategy for the company. Heis the author ofShift" target="_blank">http://amzn.to/oJqf2V">Shift & Reset: Strategies for Addressing Serious Issues in a Connected Society (Wiley, 2011) and co-author ofMedia" target="_blank">http://amzn.to/oJIkLz">Media Rules!: Mastering Today’s Technology to Connect with and Keep Your Audience (Wiley, 2007). Brian blogs and hosts a podcast discussion about the impact of media and technology on society and teaches consumer behavior and marketing strategy in the graduate school of communications at Columbia University.

Brian began his career in politics and spent two years as briefing director to Vice President Gore in the White House and during the 2000 presidential campaign. For the past decade, Brian has provided strategy, insights and support to hundreds of brands, nonprofit organizations, media companies, start-ups, and political/advocacy groups.

Brian is chairman of the board ofInvestigate" target="_blank">http://invw.org/">Investigate West, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the art and craft of investigative journalism.He attended the University of Michigan and graduated from Columbia University. He lives in New York City with his wife, Karen Dahl, their son, Henry, and daughter, Lucy.


Reid grew up on small organic farms in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. A born explorer and outdoorsman, he has travelled, lived, and worked around the globe. After careful planning over several years, Dave recently quit a successful career as an international project engineer for Philips Healthcare's ultrasound products in order to work fulltime on developing the sail transport concept in the Puget Sound. He is now the proprietor of Sail Transport Company, a local CSA that delivers organic produce via sailboats.

Reid is also coOrganizer of Seattle Peak Oil Awareness (SPOA), an active member of Sustainable Ballard, a lifelong environmentalist, and a believer in living within one's means, personal or planetwise. Through the Sail Transport Company he is bringing food from local farms to kitchen tables using only wind, tide, and human ingenuity; it is one of the most challenging and rewarding projects he has ever undertaken.



Ariana Boussard-Reifel is an artist, entrepreneur, lover of found things and founder of Mode Marteau. After stints in textile design, jewelry retail, gallery management, real estate development and fine arts, Ariana launched the online vintage shop Mode Marteau as an amalgamation of her varied passion for fine found objects.

Since it's inception in 2012, Mode Marteau has become the go-to destination for stylists and creative professionals searching for sustainable self-expression through ethical fashion. MM's curated collection is often featured in fashion magazines & films. MM is a value-lead business that proudly implement sustainable practices from credit-union banking, to recycled packaging, to the innately world-friendly act of sharing and reusing wonderful things.

Ariana still finds time to make her artwork, which has been exhibited at museums and galleries around the country and has been reviewed by The New York Times, Fast Company, Time Out New York among others. www.modemarteau.com



Eleanor Reily is dedicated to supporting an environmentally-conscious, “green” system of design, manufacture, and merchandising, utilizing locally-produced, fairly traded materials. All soaps are vegetable-based, using a variety of oils, butters and plant extracts. A popular writer and accomplished public speaker on all things Green, she has a strong and loyal following of others who advocate a more balanced, conscious and earth-friendly lifestyle. Her “area of expertise” for the panel will be education on living chemical-free as it relates to personal care products, with a focus on the health ramifications of continual chemical use both for our personal health and the health of the environment.



Patrick Reinsborough is a strategist, campaigner and creative provocateur with over 20 years of experience in movements for ecology, peace and social justice. In 2002 he co-founded smartMeme (www.smartmeme.org) a strategy and training center to explore the intersection of social change, the ecological crisis and strategies to shift cultural narratives. With his colleagues at smartMeme, Patrick has trained over 4,000 organizers and partnered with over 200 high impact organizations to frame issues, strengthen alliances and win campaigns. He is the co-author of Re:Imagining Change: How to Use Story-based Strategy to Win Campaigns, Build Movements & Change the World (PM 2010) and a contributor to Beautiful Trouble: Toolbox for the Next Revolution (2012 O/R Books). SmartMeme’s strategic approach is based on the premise that the intersecting crises of the 21st century require all changemakers to be more effective and holistic storytellers. Patrick is based in SmartMeme’s Oakland office.



Reiswig has served as president of the Sustainable West Seattle since its inception. Sustainable West Seattle educates and advocates for urban sustainability in our local community.


Rendes is the Northwest Student Organizer for the Responsible Endowments Coalition. Rendes works with students providing them with tools and knowledge needed to ensure that university
endowments are investing socially and environmentally responsibly, for investment transparency, and to leverage social and environmental change.

Retrofit Republic


Retrofit Republic is a styling firm and vintage retailer with a social impact. We specialize in vintage and recycled clothing and offer styling to individuals, changemakers, and brands. Our vision is to change the believe that fashion and eco-sustainability are mutually exclusive. As a values-driven business, Retrofit Republic is committed to impeccable style, sustainability efforts, and initiatives that benefit low-income populations, communities of color, and our LGBTQ family.

Reverend Billy and the Earthalujah Chorus

A student of the writers Charles Gaines and Kurt Vonnegut, Talen has staged experimental plays, published essays and poems in Philadelphia, New York and California. At Life On the Water, a theater in San Francisco’s Fort Mason Theater, Talen presented artists such as Spalding Gray, Mabou Mines, David Cale, B. D. Wong, Holly Hughes, William Yellow Robe, the Red Eye Collective, Reno, John Trudeau, and Danny Glover reciting the works of Langston Hughes. This experience in producing led him to the confessional monologue. After studying with the cleric Reverend Sidney Lanier, Talen invented “a new kind of American preacher.” Lanier, the cousin of Tennessee Williams and subject of the work Night of the Iguana, was familiar with the re-staging of biblical narratives.

Talen moved to New York City in 1994, where the experimental preacher began his career with the other sidewalk preachers on Times Square. Specializing in exorcisms of sweatshop companies, and opposing the Disneyfication of the neighborhood, he set up his portable pulpit at the door of the Mouse. Soon, “moral soap operas,” also called “Retail Interventions” were staged inside the chain stores, principally Disney, the GAP, Nike, and Starbucks. The preacher was soon accompanied by singers, and began staging whole “Worships” in the tradition of ritual-based interactive plays of the day such as Tony and Tina's Wedding, Late-Nite Catechism, Blue Man Group and de la Guarda. The Reverend's developing theology became the “Church of Stop Shopping,” founded on a resistance to consumerism and a defense of independent shops, community gardens and local economies.

Under the direction of Savitri D, the Reverend and Choir have toured in Europe, Africa, South America and throughout North America. William Talen has won the OBIE Award, The Dramalogue Award, The Historic Districts Council's Preservation Award (for leading demonstrations to save Manhattan's Poe House) and has been jailed more than 50 times.


Stephanie Reyes is Policy Director at Greenbelt Alliance, the San Francisco Bay Area's advocate for open spaces and vibrant places. She works on regional and statewide smart growth, affordable housing, and open space protection policy with an emphasis on the connection between land use and climate change. Ms. Reyes previously held positions in communications, public education, and advocacy at EHC LifeBuilders, an affordable housing and homeless services nonprofit.


Councilmember Ed P. Reyes has served on the Los Angeles City Council since April 2001. A native of Northeast Los Angeles, Councilmember Reyes represents many of the neighborhoods he grew up in including Lincoln Heights and Cypress Park. As chair of the Los Angeles River Ad Hoc Committee, Reyes has brought a renewed focus to the once-neglected L.A. River. He spearheaded the Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan, approved in May 2007, which paved way for the creation of more parks, pedestrian and bike paths, and wetlands along the River. Reyes was instrumental in the creation of two major Rivers parks at Taylor yard, once an old rail yard, and at the Cornfield, which is adjacent to Chinatown. In June 2007, Reyes launched the City’s first plastic bag recycling campaign to help clear plastic litter from City waterways and streets.


Elise Reynard, a dancer, actress and singer in the band “, loves to perform, teach children, and work with Wingspan Arts to ensure she brings creativity to her life and others, every day.

Rha Goddess


Rha Goddess is a cultural innovator and social entrepreneur who brings over two decades of transformational “crowd rockin’” in the name of social change. As a world renowned performing artist and activist, her work has been internationally featured in several compilations, forums and festivals. Rha’s work has been reviewed extensively and she has received rave industry reviews from Time Magazine, Ms. Magazine, The Source and The Miami Herald among others. In her 30+ year tenure as a creative organizer Rha has worked on issues of racial justice and equality, electoral politics, offender aid and restoration, mental health and youth and young women’s empowerment. In her latest venture, Rha combines her hard earned business savvy with her longstanding passion for social change to launch Move The Crowd, the nation’s first entrepreneurial training company dedicated to helping the next generation stay true, get paid and do good.



Julia H. Rhee is the Co-Founder of Retrofit Republic. Before starting the styling firm with a social impact, the Washington native advocated for disenfranchised communities for the past decade in New York City, Oakland, CA, and Tacoma, WA with environmental and social justice organizations.

Currently, Julia co-chairs NAPAWF Bay Area, the local chapter of the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum, the nation’s only multi-issue women’s organization advancing the rights and issues of Asian Pacific American women and girls. She proudly served as the Executive Producer for the Asian Pacific American Vagina Monologues which raised over $23,000 for ending violence against women and girls and garnered front page coverage in the San Francisco Chronicle.

She was recently recognized with an Emerging Global Young Leader Under 40 Award by NAAMBA and her work has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, AlterNet, The Global Grind, 7x7 Magazine, The Bold Italic, ColorLines Magazine, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Race, Poverty, & Environment Magazine, and others.

When she’s not hunting down exquisite vintage finds around the Bay Area, she enjoys teaching beginner yoga for queer and trans youth of color in the Tenderloin of San Francisco.

Rhonda Anderson

Detroit Environmental Justice organizer for the Sierra Club, Andersonis working to block the Marathon Oil Refinery in Detroit fromprocessing Canadian tar sand oil.



In 2004 James 'Jimmy' Hunter (now 16) was only nine years old whenhe started the band, One Eyed Rhyno, for a school talent show. Although the Classic Rock and Blues band has had different backing musicians, his big sister and drummer, Elaine (19), has always been beside him.

James and Elaine were raised with the concern of care of the environment. Their first gigs included The Creek Week Celebration in Sacramento. After seeing pollution in their own community creeks and learning of the Exxon oil spill James was inspired to write ‘The Bird’ when he was nine.

Fast forward 6 years later. After seeing the horrific Gulf oil leak in 2010, One Eyed Rhyno, along with Underage Records in Marinre-recorded 'The Bird' and released it on I-Tunes. One Eyed Rhyno, in association with SCA ( Student Conservation Association), agreed that download proceeds would be donated to SCA to help fund the Gulf clean up.

This young band hopes to inspire everyone of all ages to take care of our planet now and always. As James sings, “You better save tomorrow before you lose today.”

Rhythm and Motion


Rhythm & Motion Dance Classes are taught by professional dancers. The classes taught at the Green Festival weekend will be co-taught by some of our amazing staff. We will be teaching our classic Fusion Rhythms class which fuses dance styles and eclectic music to create an invigorating, physically challenging and fun experience. Class begins with choreography to wake up the body, focusing on specific muscle groups. This thorough warm-up is followed by high energy choreography designed to increase stamina and strength. Class continues on the floor with abdominal strengthening as well as leg work to improve flexibility and muscular development. Each class ends with stretching and relaxation. Fusion Rhythms is a class full of groove & fun!



Jeffrey Richardson, President/CEO, Imani Energy, Inc., is a green entrepreneur, and activist/organizer. He leads Imani Energy, Inc a solar technology/energy business that manages residential and commercial solar power system installations and provides training and employment to residents of low-income and people of color communities. Imani is established in Los Angeles as a first step in replicating its business model nationally. Jeffrey directed Imani Energy’s development and implementation of a first of its kind solar sales training through a public/private partnership with the Los Angeles Community College District’s, Small Business Dream Center. The training prepares participants for careers in solar power system sales. Jeffrey has over twenty-five years of experience in organizational management, fundraising/resource acquisition, community economic and strategy development with a primary focus on increasing the accountability of systems to low-income and people of color communities and on buildingeffective and equitable partnerships between businesses, nonprofits, communities and government. Jeffrey holds a Bachelors Degree in journalism and Masters in Philosophy from Ohio University, Athens Ohio.



Kisha Michelle Richardson is an inner-city kid turned investment banker, turned entrepreneur and hacker. She quit her cushy corporate job and moved across the country from New York City to the Bay Area to fully devote time to sharpening her coding skills and “becoming her own technical co-founder” for her projects. In June 2012 she launched The Seed It Project to provide a way for talented BootStrappers to earn seed money to fund the "zero-to-traction" phase of projects without giving up equity or incurring debt. The platform, developed by her as way to learn Ruby on Rails and JavaScript, uses collective marketplace anf sales tactics that are anchored in game theory.

Kisha is currently developing the alpha version of Fizzburg Mobile marketing platform that pairs consumers with local shops and services that suit their unique and personal tastes. The platform uses individualized decision science and the alpha version will be launched in Jan'13.



Mary Rick is a talented young organizer, collaborator and strategist. She has spent the last decade building sustainable communitybased organizations and innovative partnerships.

For the past four years she served as program and operations director for the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE). BALLE is North America's fastest growing network of socially responsible businesses, comprised of over 80 community networks representing over 21,000 independent business members across the U.S. and Canada.

Mary directed the membership program at Global Exchange, an international human rights organization and coproducer of the Green Festivals.

She holds an MBA in Sustainable Business from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute (2007) and a BA with honors in International Relations and the Environment from the University of Minnesota (2001).

While focused on local food systems, her graduate team was awarded a fellowship with the Royal Society of Arts (UK) and was recognized by Metropolis magazine's NEXT Generation design competition. Mary's radio interview, Using the Power of Community to Green Small Business can be found at GreenBiz.com.

Her work has carried her to Kenya, India, Cuba, Brazil, and most recently, Liberia.

Mary currently consults as a Fellow at the Women's Initiative, the countries largest microenterprise organization, advancing the organization's capacity to train lowincome women in business development. Watch for her new blog about social enterprise and sustainability at www.maryrick.com.



Von Klan is President and CEO and Riddell is Vice President of Exhibitsand Strategic Initiatives at the Chicago Academy of Sciences PeggyNotebaert Nature Museum.



>Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Dr. Brent Ridge are are not your average couple.They are the stars of the reality television show The Fabulous Beekman Boys on Planet Green TV.

Josh and Brent have transplanted themselves fromNew York City toBeekman" target="_blank">http://www.beekman1802.com/">Beekman Farm in upstateNew York, where they are raising 80 goats, two pigs, a dozen chickens and a narcissistic llama. These guys have urban professional backgrounds and they're now making goat milk soap.

Technically, Josh isn't new to upstateNew York. He was born there, but then raised in ruralWisconsin. He is the New York Times bestselling author ofI Am Not Myself These DaysandCandy Everybody Wantsand also the new-in-paperback bestseller The Bucolic Plaguewhich is about moving to the farm. He is a monthly columnist for OUT magazine and a contributor toNPR.

" target="_blank">http://www.npr.org/">NPR.

Born and raised inNorth Carolina, Brent is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He was Vice President of Healthy Living at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, and he writes forcare2.com" target="_blank">http://www.care2.com/">care2.com andThe" target="_blank">http://huffingtonpost.com/">The Huffington Post.



Ridolfi is a professional civil/environmental engineer and entrepreneur with a passion for social and environmental justice.After obtaining an MBA in Sustainable Business from Bainbridge Graduate Institute,Ridolfi began a nonprofit sustainability organization in her community and a grassroots effort to startup a Farmers Market. Ridolfi also serves on the Mercer Island utility board and on the board of directors of the Washington Clean Tech Alliance.



Callie is a civil/environmental engineer and entrepreneur who has promoted restorative development and sustainability throughout the Cascadia region for over 20 years. She is a founding board member of the Washington Clean Technology Alliance and was the founding director of IslandVision. Her mission is to help Puget Sound area neighborhoods become more resilient through energy retrofits and green job opportunities. Callie holds an MBA from Bainbridge Graduate Institute and is managing director of ECOFAB. http://www.ecofab.net" target="_blank">ECOFAB provides sensible efficiency measures for homeowners, including energy audits and green retrofits. As a social venture, ECOFAB is “for-purpose” with a focus on providing career pathways for less-advantaged populations by partnering with community development organizations.


Riehle has been a technology professional since 1985. He was a heads-down cubicle programmer in the early days of his career; worked for IBM in Dallas as primary technical advocate and liaison for several of its strategic development partners; and at Loyola University Chicago, he managed the Networked Systems Integration Team and Unix Systems Team. He is the founder of Pangaea Organica, an Organic, Fair Trade, Cooperative coffee roasting company in Seattle.



Health and wellness writer and speaker Renita Rietz has spent over a decade researching nutritional strategies to increase the innate rejuvenative capacity we all possess by harnessing the pharmacologic and phytotherapeutic potential of indigenous foods and plants for prevention and regeneration. From the array of competing nutritional ideologies, Renita weaves together multiple paradigms focusing on the importance of high vibrancy, nutrient dense, plant-based superfood nutrition, fermentation and germination as the cornerstones of a healthy diet.



Registered Dietitian Mark Rifkin, of Preventive Nutrition Services, has been vegan since 1986, has a BA in Environmental Studies, and an MS in Health Education. Through his private practice in Baltimore, MD, Mark provides group and individual sessions to help vegetarians and vegans improve the quality of their diet. He also focuses on plant-based nutrition for various chronic diseases and conditions, including: diabetes, weight management, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, gout, women's health concerns, cancer and early stage kidney failure, as well as promoting sustainable food patterns beyond the locavore approach.



Kelly Rigg is the Executive Director of the Global Campaign for Climate Action, a global alliance of 350 organizations cooperating under the banner of the tcktcktck campaign. She has been leading international campaigns for 30 years on climate, energy, oceans, Antarctica and other issues. She blogs regularly on Huffington Posthttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/kelly-rigg" target="_blank">http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kelly-rigg">http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kelly-rigg and tweets @kellyrigg


Devin Riles is Irrigation Water Manager for Denver Botanic Gardens.



Jessica Rimington serves as Executive Director of a nonprofit organization she founded called One World Youth Project. She is a global advocate for youth participation in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, educational reform, and the value of cultural exchange in achieving social ; environmental justice.



Ringo came to the Apollo Alliance in 2005 as a dedicated champion of environmental justice and vocal advocate of clean energy. He has firsthand experience of the challenges we face after working for more than 20 years in Louisianas petrochemical industry.

More than half of that time was spent as an active union member working with his fellow members to secure a safe work environment and quality jobs. Louisianas petrochemical industry focuses on the production of gasoline, rocket fuel, and plastics many of which contain cancer causing chemicals. As he began observing the negative impacts of the industrys pollution on local communities primarily poor, minority communities Ringo began organizing community environmental justice groups.

Ringo's experience organizing environmental and labor communities and his drive to further diversify the environmental movement bridges many of Apollos partners to create a broadbased coalition for real solutions to our energy crisis.

In 1996, Ringo was elected to serve on the National Wildlife Federation board of directors and, in 2005, he became the chair of the board. In so doing, he also became the first African American to head a major conservation organization.

Ringo was the only black U.S. delegate at the 1998 Global Warming Treaty Negotiations in Kyoto, Japan, and represented the National Wildlife Federation at the United Nations' conference on sustainable development in 1999.


Bill Ritter, Jr. was elected as Colorado's 41st governor in 2006the first Coloradoborn governor in more than 35 years. Gov. Ritter is leading Colorado by bringing people together to tackle some of our state's biggest challenges. He has accomplished the following:

- Established Colorado as a national and international leader in renewable energy by building a New Energy Economy that is creating thousands of new jobs and establishing hundreds of new companies.
- Enacted an aggressive businessdevelopment and jobcreation agenda that is focused on knowledgebased industries of the future, such as energy, aerospace, biosciences, information technology and tourism.
- Initiated sweeping K12 education reforms to give Colorado children the skills and knowledge they need to compete and succeed in a 21st century global economy.
- Improved access to quality and affordable health care for many of the 800,000 Coloradans who lack health coverage.

Gov. Ritter also is also modernizing our transportation system, protecting Colorado's natural treasures and improving the way state government does business.

The sixth of 12 children, Gov. Ritter was raised on a small farm in Arapahoe County. He was a member of the first graduating class of Gateway High School (1974), and he earned his bachelor's degree in political science from Colorado State University (1978) and his law degree from the University of Colorado (1981).

From 1987 to 1990, Gov. Ritter and his wife, First Lady Jeannie Ritter, operated a food distribution and nutrition center in Zambia, Africa.

Gov. Ritter served as Denver's District Attorney from 1993 to January 2005. He earned a national reputation as one of the country's most effective and innovative prosecutors, and several of his programs continue to serve as state and national models.

The Governor and First Lady have four children: August, Abe, Sam and Tally.


Alma Rivas, Angelina nativa del este de Los Ángeles, creció en una familia que valora profundamente servicio a la comunidad, ayudar a los demás y ser amable con la tierra. Desde joven, Alma ha estado involucrada con muchas organizaciones no gubernamentales. Suexperienciaamplia trabajando con familias y niños, así como su visión para los negocioscon más de 15 años en la industria con fines de lucro, la convierte en una increíble ventaja de Mujeres de la Tierra. En su tiempo libre, Alma es un cocinera apasionada, jardinera y amante de los animales. Alma también es un Docent con el Instituto de Naturaleza de Niños, donde se lleva a los niños desatendidos en paseos por la naturaleza a través de las montañas de Santa Mónica. Por último, como miembra del Consejo del Vecinadario de Elysian Valley y Tesorera,es una constructora valoradade la comunidad. Su amor por la Madre Tierra, la Naturaleza y la limpieza verde es una incorporación natural d e sucrianza combinada, con sus pasiones y sus experiencias de vida.


"Hernan “E$” Rivera was born in Santiago, Chile, a trained with traditional Afro-Cuban drummer, now joined forces with his drum partner “Gato” at “Jazzercise” (the original birthplace for “JazzMoov”). Only to find himself playing to Funk, Jazz, Afro-Latin, Soul House from some of the country's best House DJ’s ever.


As Regional Vice President for Calvert, Rivers is responsible for client relationships and the marketing of Calvert's investments throughout the Pacific Northwest. Rivers started with the company in 2000 at Calvert's headquarters in Bethesda, MD and relocated to Seattle in 2007.



Rizzo is Global Exchange's Freedom from Oil Campus Organizer in California. She holds degrees from UC Berkeley in Geography and Conservation and Resource Studies. She was a lead organizer for the victorious UC Sweatfree Campaign, as spearheaded by United Students Against Sweatshops.

Nina uses her campaign experience to work with students and other organizations participating in the Campus Climate Challenge to pass policies and programs that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve sustainable transportation in order to combat the climate crisis.


John Rizzo is a cofounder of the Phillip and Sala Burton Center for Human Rights and a trustee with City College of San Francisco. He is an environmental activist, former president of the Sierra Club San Francisco Bay chapter, and former commissioner with the San Francisco Golden Gate Park Concourse Authority. John is also an author and web publisher in the field of computer technology and enterprise systems. He has written a number of books about computers, has taught adult education and has written educational materials.
John Rizzo is a cofounder of the Phillip and Sala Burton Center for Human Rights and a trustee with City College of San Francisco. He is an environmental activist, former president of the Sierra Club San Francisco Bay chapter, and former commissioner with the San Francisco Golden Gate Park Concourse Authority. John is also an author and web publisher in the field of computer technology and enterprise systems. He has written a number of books about computers, has taught adult education and has written educational materials.


Louis Rizzo is the Lead Program Manager of the National Grid Energy Efficiency Heating Programs. In his current roll, he is responsible for managing National Grid’s Energy Efficiency residential New York City and Long Island heating programs as well as NYC commercial programs. These programs provide rebate incentives for residential and commercial gas heating and oil to gas conversion customers that upgrade or replacing their heating units to high efficiency heating systems. Prior to managing the energy efficiency programs he held various rolls within the market development, business strategies and marketing divisions of National Grid (formerly known as Keyspan). Over the last few years, Louis has been a guest speaker at various long island builder institute (LIBI), plumbing associations and other trade association events teaching about high efficiency heating equipment and associated benefits. Louis holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Adelphi University, Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree from St. John’s University and BPI Certification in Heating Hydroinc Professional.


Sandra Robbie is the writer/producer of the Emmy-winning documentary Mendez vs. Westminster: For All the Children which tells the story of the amazing 1947 OC school desegregation case seven years before Brown v. Board of Education. Sandra has screened her film across the country at venues including the Smithsonian Institute, Chapman University and Harvard Law School. A devoted “Mendez Maniac,” Sandra is now working at Chapman University to create the permanent home for the study and celebration of Mendez v. Westminster.



John Robbins is the author of nine bestsellers that have collectively sold more than 3 million copies and been translated into 26 languages. His books include The Food Revolution, the classic Diet For A New America, and most recently, No Happy Cows: Dispatches from the Frontlines of the Food Revolution. Currently, he is also one of the most popular bloggers on the Huffington Post.

As an advocate for a compassionate and healthy way of life, John is the recipient of the Rachel Carson Award, the Albert Schweitzer Humanitarian Award, the Peace Abbey’s Courage of Conscience Award, Green America’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and many other accolades.

The only son of the founder of the Baskin-Robbins ice cream empire, John Robbins was groomed to follow in his father’s footsteps, but chose to walk away from Baskin-Robbins and the immense wealth it represented to "pursue the deeper American Dream...the dream of a society at peace with its conscience because it respects and lives in harmony with all life forms."

John is the Founder and Board Chair Emeritus of EarthSave International, and has served on the Boards of many nonprofit organizations. His work has been the subject of feature articles in The San Francisco Chronicle, The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Life, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Time, US News amd World Report, Newsweek, and many of the nation's other major newspapers and magazines. His life and work have also been featured in an award-winning hour long PBS special titled Diet For A New America.

John lives with his wife of 45 years, Deo, their son Ocean and his wife Michele, and their grandsons River and Bodhi, outside Santa Cruz, California. Their home is powered entirely by solar electricity.


James Roberts has shaped his career around affecting positive change for people and the environment. He has worked for nearly ten years in the field of organic and fair trade apparel. Through his passion and dedication he is established as an important player in the global organic and fair trade movement. Roberts is currently the Director of Operations at Indigenous Designs Corporation, a leading premium organic apparel brand and producer of hand-crafted fair trade clothing. James oversees all aspects of production, inventory management and logistics within a cottage industry production model. He is responsible for elevating technology at Indigenous Designs and its partners through the use of cloud-based business management solutions. He is responsible for verifying purchase orders and payment schedules to artisan groups through Root Capital.



Vicki Robin is wellknown as the coauthor with Joe Dominguez of the international bestseller, Your Money or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship With Money and Achieving Financial Independence (Viking Penguin, 1992), available now in ten languages, now updated for the 21st century (Viking Penguin 2009). She currently teaches the Your Money or Your Life approach to money



Doria is 3rd generation Richmond resident, California and the Executive Director of Urban Tilth, a community based organization rooted in Richmond dedicated to cultivating a more sustainable, healthy, and just food system.

Doria has also worked on organic farms in Western Massachusetts where she attended Hampshire, at Veritable Vegetable a women owned organic produce distribution company, Real Food Company and Mixed Nuts Food Co-op. She is passionate about exploring how physical, social and economic health is dependent upon ecological health; how the restoration of one depends on the restoration of the other.

Doria was recognized as Environmental Advocate of the Year for Contra Costa County and as Woman of the Year for Contra Costa County in 2010 and in 2011 she was presented with a Community Resiliency Leadership Award from Bay Localize. Doria lives in the neighborhood she grew up in in Richmond with her wonderful 11 year old twins.



Elea Robinson is a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher and a Founding Faculty member of the New Amsterdam School in the East Village. Hailing originally from Massachusetts, she’s a professional musician and violinist, when not leading kindergarteners in nursery rhymes.


Yvette Mari Robles graduated in 2004 from San Francisco State University with a B.A. in Psychology, emphasis in CrossCultural Psychology, and a minor in Speech Communications. She currently serves as the Director of BMAGIC, a non profit social, educational and juvenile justice collaborative comprised of 45 community based organizations in Bayview Hunters Point. Yvette is an abolitionist, womanist, grassroots fundraiser, community builder and social researcher. She assists in providing alternatives to incarceration through collaborative programming, advocating for public policy and restorative justice that is inclusive of the communities needs. Yvette is currently a board member for the DataCenter and a community advisory board member for the Bayview Essential School, Coalition of Essential Small Schools. Yvette has a dedicated vision to strengthening and sustaining systems of change created by and for communities of color.



Favianna Rodriguez is an artist-entrepreneur who has helped foster resurgence in political arts, both locally and internationally. Named by UTNE Magazine as a "leading visionary artist and changemaker,” Rodriguez is renown for her cultural media projects dealing with social issues such as war, immigration and globalization, as well as for her leadership in establishing innovative institutions that promote and engage new audiences in the arts.

In 2001, Rodriguez co-founded the EastSide Arts Cultural Center in Oakland, California. In 2003, she helped established the Taller Tupac Amaru print studio to promote the historical practice of socially-engaged printmaking. Additionally, Rodriguez is co-founder and president of Tumis Inc., a bilingual design studio that serves nonprofits all over the United States consulting on using visual communications and new technologies to promote community building and social change.

In 2009, she co-founded Presente.org," target="_blank">http://www.presente.org">Presente.org, a nationwide organization dedicated to the political empowerment of Latinos via the internet and mobile messaging.

*Photo by Tragik.com


Eric Rodriguez, Executive Director of Latino Union of Chicago, is the son of undocumented Mexican migrants and began volunteering with the Latino Union in 2003. Since his early days with the organization, he has been organizing day laborers at street corners, facilitating worker leadership development, and building alliances through out the city alongside workers to garner the public support needed to open the Albany Park Workers’ Center in 2004. While serving as the Center coordinator, he facilitated the establishment of systems operation and Day Laborer Program education and leadership development activities while simultaneously organizing north side corner hiring sites to improve social and economic conditions. A 2011 Chicago Community Trust Emerging Leaders Fellow and a 2009 35 Leaders Under 35 award recipient, he will graduate from North Park University in 2011 with a degree in Non-profit Management. Latino Union is proud to partner with the Chicago Coffee Confederation to develop Cafe Chicago fair trade, organic coffee roasting cooperative as an alternative model of job creation, nonprofit funding, and social action.

Rodriguez Heyman

Darian Rodriguez Heyman has a history of building businesses and creating community. After five years of service, Darian recently stepped down as executive director of Craigslist Foundation, an organization dedicated to educating, empowering, and connecting emerging nonprofit leaders. While there, he helped launch Nonprofit Boot Camp, a oneday conference that quickly grew into the largest nonprofit gathering in San Francisco Bay Area history, and he also helped launch the Environmental Nonprofit Network and the Next Generation Leadership Forum. Darian also served as a commissioner for the environment and operations committee chair for the City and County of San Francisco, where he helped pass the largest solar rebate program in the country. For his work, Independent Sector labeled him a Vital Voice in the nonprofit sector in their 2007 annual report. Most recently, Darian launched CODE Green Agency, which provides strategy, messaging, and fundraising for the green economy. He is also editing Nonprofit Management 101: A Field Guide for Social Sector Professionals, which will include contributions from 35 recognized experts. He advises the United Nations' GAID program and sits on the board of Project Ahimsa, a global effort to empower children through music, and he helps produce the annual Power to the Peaceful festival in San Francisco, a free concert for peace and social justice that draws crowds of over 70,000 people.
Darian Rodriguez Heyman has a history of building businesses and creating community. After five years of service, Darian recently stepped down as executive director of Craigslist Foundation, an organization dedicated to educating, empowering, and connecting emerging nonprofit leaders. While there, he helped launch Nonprofit Boot Camp, a oneday conference that quickly grew into the largest nonprofit gathering in San Francisco Bay Area history, and he also helped launch the Environmental Nonprofit Network and the Next Generation Leadership Forum. Darian also served as a commissioner for the environment and operations committee chair for the City and County of San Francisco, where he helped pass the largest solar rebate program in the country. For his work, Independent Sector labeled him a Vital Voice in the nonprofit sector in their 2007 annual report. Most recently, Darian launched CODE Green Agency, which provides strategy, messaging, and fundraising for the green economy. He is also editing Nonprofit Management 101: A Field Guide for Social Sector Professionals, which will include contributions from 35 recognized experts. He advises the United Nations' GAID program and sits on the board of Project Ahimsa, a global effort to empower children through music, and he helps produce the annual Power to the Peaceful festival in San Francisco, a free concert for p



Gerod Rody is the Executive Director of OUT for Sustainability (O4S) and the Communications Coordinator for the Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI). O4S is a Seattle based nonprofit mobilizing the LGBTQ community to advance social and environmental sustainability. BGI is a sustainable business graduate school in the Seattle area. Gerod is also a graduate of BGI, earning his MBA in Sustainable Business in 2009. Gerod has worked in marketing and community engagement related roles including gProjects, Meyer Wells and Jackson Nyberg. He also developed Comfort Food, the first organic restaurant in Pierce County, voted Best Healthy Lunch by King 5's Evening Magazine. Gerod was named as one of the 40 people redefining sustainability by Grist.org in 2010 and enjoys a health obsession with all things Swedish, Sounders games and good food.



Tanya Rogers is part of Green Living Project’s Mobile Tour team, serving as an educator and ambassador for sustainability education. Tanya completed her B.S. in wildlife science in 2006 and her M.S. in conservation biology in 2009 from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Tanya worked with the Nature Conservation Foundation in India for her master’s research, focused on the impacts of fuel wood consumption on tiger habitat. Tanya’s most recent passions revolve around food choices, and local and organic farming. She grew her first garden in 2009 and learned how to preserve food and make the connection with natural resources. Tanya is very passionate about the notion that one person can make a difference, and that the small daily decisions we make in our consumption choices are very important. After graduation Tanya and her partner Drew sold their property to purchase a biodiesel RV and join Green Living Project’s Mobile Tour. They are currently sharing their knowledge and stories about the environment and sustainability with students and communities across the nation.



Eyes open or closed, always traveling. Rogerson is graduating this June from the University of Washington with a degree in environmental studies. Rogerson is now qualified to save the world. Indeed, just how to do so on an individual and communal level has been examined as part of his senior project on yurts and carbon footprints. Friday, June 11th at the Om Culture Center marks the culmination of Rogerson's efforts in this area. A full screening of Yurtprints: Taking Big Steps toward a Smaller Footprint, as well as an actual yurt raising, presentations by yurt experts and a potluck will be open to anyone interested. Many of the other artists at the Green Festival this year have been springs of consistent inspiration during his 13 years in Seattle. Foreign and famous writers he looks to, in varying quantities and in no particular order, are: Charles Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson, Blackalicious, Bill McKibben, Eminem, Khalil Gibran, Jorge Luis Borges, Franz Kafka, Blake Butler, Jack Kerouac, Pink Floyd, JLive and many more.


Antonio Roman-Alcalá, having been irrationally dedicated to urban sustainability since he decided that there wasn’t enough “land” for all the dropouts to go “back to,” spends his time realizing his personal vision of sustainable hedonism. This includes teaching organic food-growing techniques to urban dwellers; organizing communities into more cohesive and politically active wholes; and bridging art and music with everyday life and participatory politics. Antonio plays guitar in the band People People, is editor of the San Francisco Art and Politics magazine, director of the In Search of Good Food movie project and shares skills around town at Alemany Farm, Hayes Valley Farm, the Free Farm Stand and with the SF Permaculture Guild. He is also co-founded and co-facilitates the San Francisco Urban Agriculture Alliance. Currently, Antonio attends U.C. Berkeley, pursuing a degree in “saving the world in style.”


U. Roberto (Robin) Romano is an Award-Winning Producer, Director, Director of Photography, and Still Photographer. He is one of the most respected investigative filmmakers in the world whose credits include: The Harvest,The Dark Side of Chocolate, Children of the Fields, and Stolen Childhoods. He is the director of Romano Film and Photography and a graduate of Amherst College.

Romero Theater Troupe


Founded by James Walsh, the Romero Theater Troupe has been performing plays about social justice issues for the past four years. It is a nonprofit organization whose members believe in giving away profits to worthy social and charitable organizations. The group's motto, Social Justice Through Organic Theater captures its focus on issues of human rights.

Organic theater is a raw process involving a collective effort to develop scenes and shape productions. Romero Theater Troupe does not have a director; instead, members rely upon a communal vision and faith and love in each other. Actors are free to shape and to change their characters as they see fit, even from one performance to another. This group share a unique relationship with its audience, seeing them as participants rather than passive observers.


Danny Ronen has a great nose. He has been using it to sniff out the new and exciting in the world of international wine, spirits, food and travel. He is continuously thankful of the people and experiences that have lead him down this delightful and irreverent path. In 2001, Ronen formed DC Spirits, a food, wine and spirits educational organization with a focus on sustainability. In 2009, the Fair Trade Spirits Company in France found Ronen and they quickly realized their shared passions were aligned. Ronen is currently the Brandmaster for FAIR, the first line of Fair Trade spirits in the world, recently launched in California, Illinois and New York. Ronen holds classes and presentations for hundreds of people on such diverse topics as denomination of origin, production and global impact within spirit categories.


Matt Roney is a staff researcher at the Earth Policy Institute (EPI) in Washington, DC. In 2006 he graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a B.A. in environmental conservation. Matt has been with EPI since 2007, working with founder and president Lester R. Brown and the research team on many publications. He has also written articles on wind and solar energy trends, as well as world bicycle production and promotion. Currently, Matt is pursuing a master's degree in environmental sciences and policy from Johns Hopkins University, with a focus on Chesapeake Bay conservation and management.



Rooks is a writer, educator and producer whose work weaves the worlds of spirituality, feminism, ecology and social justice with a passion for engaged dialogue as way of bridging various divides.

For the past three years she has hosted a monthly teleseminar, ConverZations That Matter, featuring such globalthought leaders as Brian Swimme, Mary Evelyn Tucker, Carl Anthony, Riane Eisler, Barbara Holmes and astronaut Edgar Mitchell, as part of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Shift in Action Series.

Rooks has actively created opportunities for ongoing intergenerational dialogues and mentoring with many of the emerging social and environmental justice activists such as Juliet Ellis (executive director of the Urban Habitat Program), Jakada Imani (executive director of Ella Baker Center for Human Rights) and Van Jones (founder and president of GreenForAll).

Rooks is the creator of Hey Listen Up: Race, Cosmology and The Environment, a groundbreaking multimediabased, urban ecoliteracy project and curriculum, supported by The Earth Island Institute. According to Matthew Fox, Belvie Rooks has found a way to inspire and awaken, empower and excite, a new generation of young people to learn their power and their place in the universe and in society.

Cosmologist and physicist Brian Swimme has described her work as, crafting a curriculum and pedagogical process that empower the creativity of young adults and that free them from limiting selfconcepts.

Rooks served as a writer and segment producer for Courage, a television series hosted by Danny Glover that was selected by TV Guide as one of the Top Ten inspirational shows for 2001. She was also the principal writer, director and cocreator with Danny Glover and Roy Scheider of Whos Gonna Be There? Whos Gonna Be There?, a theatrical piece costarring Danny Glover and Roy Scheider.

She is executive producer, along with filmmaker Damani Baker, of Demarias Journey, a documentary (in progress) about social justice and global consciousness, featuring astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Dedan Gills, Lynne Twist and other global though leaders.

Her published works have appeared in a number of books, publications and anthologies, including Sacred Poems and Prayers in Praise of Life, The Same River Twice: Honoring the Difficult by Alice Walker, My Soul is a Witness: African American Womens Spirituality, Life Notes: Personal Writings by Black Women, Double Stitch: Black Women Write About Mothers and Daughters, and Paris Connections: African American Artists in Paris.

Until recently Rooks served as vice president of Project Development for Carrie Production, one of Danny Glover's production companies. Currently she is one of the producers of a feature film (aworkinprogress by Louverture Films) entitled Ballad for Americans about the relationship between Paul Robeson and Albert Einstein during the McCarthy era. She is a former board member of Bioneers, The Urban Habitat Program and the Positive Futures Network/Yes Magazine and is currently chair of the board of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and a board member of the Institute for Noetic Sciences and the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation.

Her current passions include combatting the affects of global warming and the impact of climate change on poor communities in the U.S. and on the African continent.



Dave Room co-founded Bay Localize, a for-impact organization thatinspires and supports Bay Area residents in building equitable, resilient communities.Dave's most important identifier is Melia's Papa. On stage, Melia's Papa uses storytelling and solo performance theater to awaken and activate mainstream audiences, people of color and youth. Melia's Papa founded the Collective Liberation Tour which hosts ecologically-themed story slams internationally.

Pacha's" target="_blank">http://www.pachaspajamas.com/">Pacha's Pajamas, teaches pre-teens and families about humanity’s relationship with the natural world. Pacha's Pajamas is a children’s book, game-App, acclaimed Live Show and Audiobook featuring Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Cheech Marin, Majora Carter, and rising youth stars. Nature" target="_blank">http://balanceedutainment.com/introducing-nature-superhero/">Nature Superhero, the forthcoming companion game-App, will reward kids for taking actions to improve their communities and the environment. The Pacha's Pajamas project has been featured on MTV, CNN, numerous radio programs/media and has been nominated for the renowned global entrepreneurship competition, Common" target="_blank">http://www.commonpitchsa.com/">Common Pitch.


Autumn Rooney is the co-founder and director of the Echo Park Time Bank, formed in 2008. TimeBanking involves an exchange of services without using the cash economy. For every hour spent doing something for someone else, you earn a TimeDollar that can be used for having someone do something for you. Autumn is helping coordinate the Time Bank Neighborhood Resiliency Project, a series of workshops facilitated through the Arroyo Time Bank, NELA Transition and the Echo Park Time Bank. Designed to nurture a more self-reliant community, the classes focus on the skills and practices -such as conflict resolution and urban food foraging -that make Los Angeles safer, healthier and more sustainable. With the help of the Arroyo Time Bank and the Metabolic Studio (a direct charitable activity of the Annenberg Foundation), Autumn is now creating the California Federation of Time Banks to nurture the growth of the Time Bank movement.

Roots, Beans and Greens


Roots, Beans and Greens is a Denver based, healthy living workshop, inspired by RBG Fit Club and the HipHop health and food justice curriculum, Going Green Living Bling, created by Ietef Vita and Neambe LeadonVita. This workshop features live juicing and smoothies made from organically grown produce with an aim towards 100% traceable origin/locally grown foods. Roots, Beans and Greens also shines a light on local art with live music performances, break dancing and film screenings. This August 2012 marks the one year anniversary of this free, community event.



Since 1975, Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas have been leaders and pioneers in the fitness and wellness industry. They have devoted their personal and professional lives toward the dream of creating a fitness and lifestyle program that would meet the needs of all people. In 1983, at the height of the nopain, nogain fitness mentality, Debbie and Carlos created Nia, a pleasurable way to get fit, maintain health and have more fun while working out. By taking off their shoes and eliminating repetitive jogging and jumping, they catalyzed one of the most dramatic changes to take place in the fitness industry: the emergence of fusion fitness. This revolutionary body/mind/spirit approach inspired the fitness industry to accept nontraditional practices, now widely accepted and gaining in popularity each day. Today, the Nia workout is still considered the most effective fusion of Eastern and Western wisdom. More than 2000 licensed Teachers offer Nia in close to 40 countries around the world. Their most recent book, The Nia Technique: The HighPowered, Energizing Workout That Gives You a New Body and A New Life, is a reflection of more than 25 years of personal and professional exploration and development. Debbie and Carlos currently live in Portland, Oregon, where they teach and train fitness and health professionals at Nia International Headquarters.



Lila rose is a Torontoborn, Californiabased singer/songwriter gone electroacoustic. Her arrangements incorporate an eclectic array of sounds from simple live instrumentation to electronic beats and production, often adding vocal layering and effects to build expansive sonic experiences that borrow elements of hip hop, folk, electronica, pop, world beat, and vocal experimentation. Her releases include: The Very First, the hit single single Strap It To Ya and the new EP Osmos Your Sonica. Lila is currently in the studio working on her first fulllength album Sacred Irreverence.

Since 1996, Youth Speaks has made it their mission to shift the perception of youth by combating illiteracy, alienation and silence and by creating a global movement of young people brave enough to take their voices to the stage. As the leading nonprofit presenter of spoken word in the country, Youth Speaks offers youth the opportunity to speak their truths each year at Brave New Voices, Youth Speaks' international teen poetry slam competition. There, hundreds of young people gather to share with one another their personal stories of triumph, sadness, joy, pain, and also their distinct and individual visions of the future.

In 2006, Youth Speaks invited these participants to speak specifically to the issue of environmentalism. Ever since, droves of youth have been rising to the occasion, jumping at the opportunity to join the growing conversation on global warming, sustainability and ecoresponsibility. Brave New Voices Speak Green was born. James Kass, Founder and Executive Director of Youth Speaks, said it best when he quipped, often times, at huge conferences, all these adults are talking about what the future wants and needs, but the future is never in the room. Young people are never in the conversation. Since it's inception, Brave New Voices Speak Green has grown enormously. In 2006 there were 15 applicants; in 2008, that number exploded into over 100, and the potential is incalculable.


Rose is the Co-Executive Director of NBIS, the Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability. Founded over eight years ago, NBIS provides programs and networking opportunities that link professionals and businesses with the tools, coaching and resources they need to advance sustainability and profitability in their companies and organizations. NBIS’ Grassroots Leadership program, GreenBag Lunches and monthly Eco-Hours provide opportunities to meet like-minded individuals across industries and to gain inspiration and tools for advancing sustainability. NBIS’ Accelerating Sustainability services include coaching in all aspects of sustainability implementation across operations, metrics, CSR reporting and team development. Visit www.nbis.org

" target="_blank">http://www.nbis.org">www.nbis.org