Green Festival Speakers

Bob Garbowicz



Seven years ago Bob Garbowicz had 12 basil plants in his garden. He reaped a bountiful harvest that year and thanked God for the blessing. In the same breath he asked God what was he to do with all this basil. God told him to put it in olive oil and make pesto. He said, "I can do that!" For a year he tried different oils, cheeses, nuts, etc., until he achieved the original recipe with pine nuts. He went to bed that night and told his wife Cindy he was finished! She was happy he was done. He woke up the next morning and told Cindy he wasn't done. This product is not for everyone! There are people who cannot eat nuts, cheese, or tomatoes. He then had three more variations of the original recipe. Today http://prestopesto.com/" target="_blank">Presto Pesto has eight different recipes with a ninth in the works.