Green Festival Speakers

Dana Geffner


Dana Geffner has been working in the Fair Trade craft movement for over 10 years. She began as founder of Pachamama, A World of Artisans, an organization that educated consumers about the importance of Fair Trade and brought fairly traded handicrafts to the marketplace in the US. In 2008, Dana started Global Exchange's Wholesale Division working directly with over 30 producer groups located in 10 different countries helping to develop their crafts. Most recently she co-founded and is the Executive Director of the Fair World Project, an Organic Consumers Association project started in order to promote Fair Trade, insist on integrity in Fair Trade and cultivate a holistic approach to global economics. One of her missions is to support 100% dedicated Fair Trade brands in a movement that is growing and gaining corporate attention quickly. She started her Fair Trade career after traveling extensively through Central America and after working on community deve lopment projects in Nicaragua and Guatemala. She has held a nominated position on the Fair Trade Federation Board as well as the FTF Screening Committee. She currently sits on the Board of Directors of Fundacion Tradiciones Mayas, a Guatemala foundation that provides social service and scholarships through the production of Fair Trade crafts.