Green Festival Speakers

Frank Golbeck

Frank Golbeck is an entrepreneur who spreads the magic of quality mead throughout SoCal. Frank was educated at UC Berkeley, where he brewed his first batch of mead for his friends in his housing co-op (Davis House!). After graduating, he drove ships for the US Navy. He finished his time with the Navy to make his home region more joyful and abundant, so he started Golden Coast Mead in 2010 with two close friends. Since then he's been keeping bees, crafting mead and sharing the Mirth! He leads the San Diego County Slow Money SoCal team and has an awesome wife and a laughing daughter. He hopes you find what you're passionate about, share it with the world and celebrate the beauty of it all with a glass of what he likes to call liquid sunshine, or Golden Coast Mead. Woo hoo! To life!