Green Festival Speakers

Chido Govero



Govero lost her mom when she was seven and never knew her dad. At once this little girl turned adult and was in charge of the little family nucleus of her little brother and blind grandmother. She had to drop out of school and beg for work, getting a bowl of peanuts a day.

At the age of 12, she learned how to farm mushrooms on leaves, cut grass, water hyacinth, pulp and dead tree branches, converting biomass into food. Govero appeared to have golden fingers and had the chance assist her adoptive mom in the tissue culture lab learning how to propagate mushrooms.

Equipped with field experience and the science, Govero simplified mushroom farming for villagers, in general, and girls at risk in particular. She is spearheading the program Orphan Teaches Orphans, providing food security through the Pulp to Protein Initiative of the ZERI Foundation.