Green Festival Speakers

Julia Govis


Julia Govis has nearly 30 years of experience in the agricultural arena. She has owned and operated two small farms in Illinois and has worked on other farm operations, in both livestock and food production. In 2007, she managed and certified an organic farm in Three Oaks, MI and has created and maintained urban growing plots in the City of Chicago. Having authored the book, Who's Poisoning Our Children?, Govis has become very wellacquainted with the government entities involved in the farming industry. As a mother of four and former Montessori teacher, she understands the importance of providing children with healthy, fresh food and thus, she is a leader of the Illinois Farms to School Task Force. Govis is licensed to inspect organic farms and organic livestock operations. Govis coordinates the integration of organic and environmental record keeping and is currently evaluating the application of organic standards in the urban environment.