Green Festival Speakers

Oscar M. Grande


Oscar Grande is a Community Organizer with People Organizing to Demand Environmental & Economic Rights (PODER), a community-based membership organization working with Latino immigrant families in the Mission and Excelsior Districts of San Francisco. For more than a decade, he has organized local residents to resist a legacy of environmental racism, unhealthy urban development and failed trickle-down economic schemes. His leadership skills and political vision have helped lead bottom-up strategies that have resulted in equitable distribution of public investments, strong social policies and the increase of grassroots political power for working people in San Francisco. Oscar Grande is the son of blue-collar, Salvadoran immigrants who settled in San Francisco in the late sixties in search of economic opportunities. Born and raised in the multi-ethnic immigrant neighborhoods of the Excelsior and Mission Districts, Oscar and his wife Cynthia are raising their four kids in the community where they live, work and play.