Green Festival Speakers

Kate Halpern

Kate Halpern founded Kate’s Joint in 1996, a trailblazing concept that provided an all-vegetarian choice of international comfort food or macrobiotic healthy options. Kate’s joint was a neighborhood icon and host to a bevy of celebrities such as Paul McCartney and Madonna, everyone felt at home there. Kate began at the age of sixteen as full time apprentice to Annemarie Colbin, founder of Natural Gourmet cooking school. Simultaneously, she became privet Chef to leading naturopath at that time Dr. Dominic Richard. Inspired she traveled to France to study practical homeopathy and regional cuisines. upon her return she opened Kate's Joint, Where you could get a deliciously crisp buffalo not wing and or a steamed organic plate of vegetables, brown rice, beans and seaweed. After a very successful seventeen years Kate’s Joint closed in 2012.