Green Festival Speakers

Ron Harris-White


Ron Harris-White is Executive Sponsor and co-lead of the Seattle Parks Urban Food Systems Committee. Seattle Parks and Recreation, through its Healthy Parks Healthy You Initiative, has taken a leadership role in ensuring children and families have nutritious food choices that promote health, reduce the incidence of obesity and certain diseases and promote wellness. Parks Urban Food Systems Committee is a working group supporting Parks & Recreation’s Strategic Action Plan, Healthy Parks, Healthy You and Race & Social Justice Initiatives. The committee is dedicated to promoting the more than 120 good food programs that provide a valuable recreation activity that can contribute to community building, environmental awareness, social equity and community education. Ron also manages the City’s Clean & Green Seattle Initiative and is currently Parks liaison to the Mayor’s Office on issues related to urban food systems. For the past few years, Ron’s assignments have involved the City of Seattle’s grassroots climate action campaign and the development of Seattle’s Race & Social Justice Initiative. Ron has more than twenty years of professional experience in policy, public relations, local government relations and strategic planning. Ron is a former member of the Hawaii State Education Commission. Ron has received several awards for his work including, the 2008 Seattle Management’s Award for program excellence; 2008 ASPA Annual Conference Presenter, 2007 Seattle Management Association Award for Management; 2003 NW Emmy Award “Salmon in the City.” Ron currently co-chairs the King County Food and Fitness Initiative (KCFFI). Ron holds two masters degrees. Harris-White is also a National Urban Fellow.