Green Festival Speakers

Lyle Harrison



Lyle Harrison was born and raised in Evanston. Mr. Harrison graduated as an ETHS “Wildkit” earning the James M. Hartrey engineering scholarship, showing at an early age a penchant for engineering and science. After attending; Washington, Chute, and Evanston Township High School, Mr. Harrison went on to earn 5 college degrees in 18 years. This included earning an Industrial Manufacturing Engineering degree from the #1 automotive engineering university in the United States, Kettering University. All degrees were earned while working full or part time jobs during school. After working as an R&D release engineer at the Chrysler Tech Center in Auburn Hills, Michigan, Mr. Harrison went on to work for a company that invented “corporate finance” as we know it today, The Ford Motor Company. While working at Ford Motor Company in the Finance division, Mr. Harrison distinguished himself as a team player, and results-oriented professional. In the first year of employment at Ford Motor Company, Mr. Harrison saved Ford Motor Company through “lean engineering”, cost analysis, cost avoidance, and productivity increases, +$30 million. Ford Motor Company realized the potential that Mr. Harrison demonstrated, and recommended that he attend Thunderbird Global School of Management. This resulted in Mr. Harrison being selected by Thunderbird Global School of Management to attend their global MBA cohort in the fall of 2007. While at Thunderbird, Mr. Harrison distinguished himself as a leader and was chosen for a global finance internship located in Scotland by Katherine Garrett-Cox. As the newly appointed CEO of AllianceTrust Plc, Katherine asked Mr. Harrison to examine the US equities strategy and budget allocation. This resulted in a savings opportunity of +$61 million annually. Upon graduating from Thunderbird in 2009 with an MBA in global finance, Mr. Harrison decided it was time to make a difference in the world and founded Mercury Wind.