Green Festival Speakers

Christy Hemenway


Christy Hemenway discovered her passion for beekeeping in 2007, after moving to rural Maine. This move came after spending several misspent decades in the real estate and information technology industries in the densely packed metropolis of Hampton Roads, Virginia.

After attending conventional bee school, she had some unanswered questions such as, What did bees do before we gave them wax foundation? When no one at bee school offered up a solid answer to that one question in particular, she started searching further afield and discovered the benefits of something called top bar hives. Soon after, she founded Gold Star Honeybees and began advocating for bees to be healthy naturally.

Top bar hives are simple and easily managed, but the most important feature of a top bar hive is that it lets bees make their own beeswax and honeycomb in a natural, chemicallyfree way. They are well suited to the back yard beekeeper.

Today, Gold Star Honeybees manufactures the Gold Star top bar hive kit and educates people about the importance of healthy honey bees, offering classes and presentations throughout the United States.