Green Festival Speakers

Nancy Hernandez



Nancy Hernandez is a long-time cultural worker incorporating art into the Bay Area movements for social justice. Through policy, protest and academia, she has committed to fight the criminalization of youth and the growing prison industry. Additionally, she helped build a student-run center to support matriculation of students of color and mobilized thousands to fight fee increases and budget cuts to education. Furthermore, Nancy worked in San Francisco’s Mission District for over 10 years to address the root causes of gang related violence and was able to use silkscreening, stenciling, clothing design, graffiti and muralism to bring together youth from across gang lines. She taught high school for 3 years at June Jordan, a small public Social Justice-focused High School and currently on the board of World Bridges, and Youth Together. She has committed her life work to empowering the next generation to advance social justice through community organizing and the arts.