Green Festival Speakers

Ken Hiatt


Hiatt created Peraska to integrate sustainability into business and life. As an educator, speaker and activist, Hiatt studies the roots of sustainability and its practical application. He works with companies to create deeper understanding of how to plant and grow it into their businesses. Leveraging technology is just one of his many tools. Throughout his life, Hiatt has worked to bridge the gap between the technical and the social aspects of sustainability. Of his many passions, paramount (besides his worm box) is Education for Sustainability (EfS). At the Sustainable Education Collaborative, he helped create Sustainable Management Systems that integrate programs comprehensively throughout schools and school districts. He is a member of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals, and Green America to name a few. A former Alaskan from Ketchikan, Hiatt loves sharing his story living in an environment that spawned his philosophy about living with a purpose.