Green Festival Speakers

Edward Hill


Edward Hill is a progressive planning and design professional with a focus on race, social, and economic justice. Community education and capacity building is a foundational theme in Hill’s work and is reflected in the types of program and projects that include curriculum building, lesson plans, program scheduling, and hands-on experiential teaching as critical elements in much of his work. His background includes over two decades in media, visual and multi-media arts working as a reporter, radio producer, graphic artist, and arts instructor for Coyote Central, Tacoma Art Museum, Prate Fine Arts Center, and the Seattle Public Schools. Recent work in the Northwest includes studying and training in housing development, food systems, small plot farm infrastructure development, community education, asset-based community development, and youth-based program development. He is one of the two founders of Creatives4Community, a non-profit working with Seattle-area communities of color to improve their capacity to build leadership, meet community goals, and create healthy, sustainable living environments. His GroundUp Organics program is a “green” certification program training at-risk youth in organic farming and composting. He is currently operating as the Farms Program Manager for Seattle Tilth as they transition the ""BURST Immigrant & Refugee Farm Incubator"" to the ""Organic Farms Incubator Program"" in conjunction with the King County CPPW Funding. He is responsible for farm site development and planning, design and permits, site management, infrastructure design, community engagement, recruitment and outreach.