Green Festival Speakers

Eddie Hill


Hill is a founding partner and current Sr. Director of Creatives4Community, a Seattlebased green education and workforce development academy focusing on establishing replicable, accessible, and racially/socially/economically equitable training models that provide lowincome, marginalized, and immigrant populations the opportunities to become selfsufficient and fully sustainable.

We (people of color historically marginalized) are under a serious threat of being left out the green wave (urban food systems, green public health, green design, etc.) again. Green energy jobs are not panning out for us due to still unaddressed educational and institutional biases and barriers. Just as the digital divide is now studied as a historical note from the 90's, we are faced with a serious lack of capacity to access the massive funding, grants, and midtohigh paying careers that drive the green economy, especially in food systems where we have a historical background as masters of food production, culinary presentation, and agricultural sciences.

Hill's work academically and ontheground has provided a working model of having to address issues in an andandboth model where an active, engaged creative class of color gets their hands dirty while teaching people to fish, make the pole, and become fishery scientists to sustain and grow the traditional local stock.

An environmentalist and community educator for more than 25 years, Hill became interested in landuse and agriculture when he moved to Olympia, WA in 1994 to work for State Insurance Commissioner Deborah Senn. After Hill worked on the Alternative Health Bill and became a father, he was much more interested in public health, historical health disparities amongst First Nation and African Diaspora peoples, and food systems.

Hill, an urban planner, surfer, graphics designer, teacher, visual artist, committed parent of one, and community capacity builder has recently been hired by the national urban agriculture organization Growing Power as Program Assistant Community Food Systems Project Planner in the Chicago office working to expand urban farming projects in the Midwest.

Key projects have included Nu Tribes Arts Collective, Urban A;T: GroundUp Program, and the Yesler2014 Program, a youthbased planning and design summer internship partnered with Seattle Housing Authority tied to the Youth Planning Network in Berkeley, CA. Hill has also served as a participant in the Seattle Good Food Network, Kellogg Food ; Fitness Initiative, Seattle Neighborhood Planning Advisory Committee, GFGJI: Growing FoodGrowing Justice Initiative, and the Central Area Displacement Coalition.