Green Festival Speakers

Darby Holmes


Darby Holmes graduated from California State University, Chico in 2005 with an Agriculture degree and an emphasis on Animal Science. That same year the University dairy farm became certified organic and members of the Organic Valley cooperative.

After graduation, Darby was hired on as the organic dairy farm manager. Her responsibilities as manager involve supervising the daily farm activities including milking, feeding and onfarm class labs and managing all student involvement on the farm.

In addition, Darby speaks to students, visitors and special guests on various topics related to running an organic dairy farm. She has been a West Coast farmer leader for Organic Valley's Generation Organic (genO) network since 2008. The genO network, comprised of Coop members between the ages of 1635, is on a mission to inspire and educate people about the benefits of organic agriculture methods and food production. Darby coordinated and led the first West Coast Regional genO Gathering held in June 2009 in Oregon.