Green Festival Speakers

Moly and Carly Houlahan



Molly Houlahan, 15, a tenthgrader at Agnes Irwin School in Rosemont, PA, and Carly Houlahan, 13, a seventhgrader at Agnes Irwin School, started a beeproduct business that has raised more than $25,000 by selling honey, honeycomb, and beeswax candles and lip balm. Molly and Carly launched Hives for Lives three years ago after their grandfather died of throat cancer. We wanted to do something to remember him and to make sure others would not get sick and die like he did, they said. Molly, the CEO of the business, and Carly, the President, harvest honey from nine hives in Virginia at the end of the summer, and then spin, filter, bottle, and label it by hand. They also make lip balm and candles from beeswax. To sell their products, Molly and Carly call on hospital gift shops, food stores, kitchen shops, and other retail outlets; take orders on a website (www.hivesforlives.com); and spend many weekends at local fairs and markets. Their jobs also include recruiting volunteers (called Helper Bees), preparing business presentations, meeting with suppliers, and speaking at schools and hospitals. In addition, Molly runs a Hives for Lives Young Business Leaders Club at her school. Hives for Lives will go on as long as there is cancer, said Molly. I hope every year the business will grow, added Carly. Molly and Carlys efforts recently won them the 2007 middle school and high school Prudential Spirit of the Community Awards as the top youth volunteers in the state of Pennsylvania, and the Presidents Volunteer Service Award.