Green Festival Speakers

Karen Hudson



As a consultant for the GRACE Factory Farm Project, Karen Hudson is responsible for community organizing, media relations and educating citizens about the social, environmental and economic impacts of factory farming. In 2001, Hudson was named Conservationist of the Year by the Heart of Illinois Chapter of the Sierra Club. In 2002, when Central Illinois was used as a test market for irradiated beef, Hudson led the grassroots campaign to educate Central Illinois citizens about the harmful effects of food irradiation. She also toured Poland in 2001 to educate local citizens and farmers about the devastating impacts of factory farming, and was made an honorary member of the Polish Ecological Society, Polski Klub Ekologiczny, for her work.

Hudson also is a founder and president of F.A.R.M. (Families Against Rural Messes), a grassroots organization formed in 1996 when largescale factory farms targeted Illinois for expansion. She was an appointed member of the Illinois House/Senate Joint Livestock Advisory Committee in 1997, and continues to educate and empower citizens in Illinois and across the nation who face the impacts of livestock factories by speaking at conferences, hosting educational booths at special events and through her work with GRACE and F.A.R.M.

Hudson lives on a fifth generation family farm in Illinois. She is a graduate of Illinois State University and has a Bachelors Degree in education, specializing in home economics and physical education.