Green Festival Speakers

Lydia Huffman


Lydia Huffman is an interior design consultant based out of Bellevue, WA who is taking a new approach to design: simplify the process so that builders can do what they do best - build. With growing demands of sustainability in residential and commercial spaces, builders rely on her to offer them responsible design solutions that meet these new standards without sacrificing aesthetics or surpassing the budget. Lydia knows that the best advice in this market is to stay current and flexible. Over the past few years she has transitioned from working primarily on new construction residential projects to positioning herself in the commercial sphere, consulting real estate investment groups and taking on remodels. Lydia’s current portfolio encompasses local retail and professional spaces including: a high-end fashion boutique, national funeral homes and casinos, as well as design consultation for the zHome project in Issaquah, the nation’s first multifamily, production, zero-energy and carbon-neutral community.