Green Festival Speakers

Tara Hui


Tara is an urban farmer whose philosophy of employing simple, low-tech solutions to address seemingly complex problems has led her to areas of water conservation, sustainable living and alternative economy. As part of SFPUC's Stormwater campaign, Tara works to encourage San Franciscans to catch and store rainwater through education and outreach. She is also a member of the http://www.greywateraction.org" target="_blank">Greywater Action, a collaborative group of educators, designers, builders and artists who educate and empower people to build sustainable water culture and infrastructure. Tara co-founded http://timebank.sfbace.org/" target="_blank">Bay Area Community Exchange Timebank, an alternative economic system that enables the public to exchange services and goods for their time in place of traditional currency. She is currently also working, along with other guerrilla grafters, on creating free and abundant food sources in San Francisco.