Green Festival Speakers

Timothy Hutchens



Tim Hutchens is the Cityof Denvers Outdoor Recreation Supervisor andthe Manager of the Genesee Challenge Course, one of Denversunique Mountain Park assets. Tim has restructured andexpanded the programming of the Outdoor Recreation department exponentiallysince moving to Denverin 2005 to serve 3,000 5,000 participants annually, mostly youth. Thanks to Tims enthusiasm and get it done attitude, several projectshave come to fruition in his four years with the City and County of Denver including, butnot limited to: Ruby Hill Railyard (Cocreator and Operational/VolunteerCoordinator of project) a oneofakind urban snow park, National Get OutdoorsDay (2008 ; 2009 CoChairperson), Creator of Jibbing for Kids, a Ruby Hill Rail Yard program, Cocreatorof Urban Riders Snow Sports Club, Cochair for the Parks ; RecreationEmployee Expo (2006 2008), Denver Active Youth Collaborative, and Coorganizerof 2008 Summit Expo at REI. His success in creating and expanding newpartnerships with SOS Outreach and WOW (Wonderful Outdoor World) has made Timan active and positive member of the Denveroutdoor community in addition to creating a professional image for Denver Parks ; Recreations'Outdoor Recreation department. Tim received a City employee 5281 Award in 2007 for hisleading role at the Ruby Hill Rail Yard.

Tim has a Bachelor of Science degree inOutdoor Education from Northland College and his classroom has always beenclimbing a steep face of granite or skiing down one of Colorados mountains. Heshares his passion for the outdoors with his two children, Franna and Jack,and his wife of eight years, Tori.