Green Festival Speakers

Asher Jay



Asher Jay is a designer, artist, writer and activist. She’s a staunch supporter of animal rights, wildlife conservation and sustainable development and she uses her fashion, art and writing to raise awareness. Through her extensive travels across the globe, and her studies in art history, she has developed an aesthetic sensibility that is amalgam of contrasting cultural influences. All her work is anchored by the deep commitment she harbors toward the realization of a collective future.Art for conservation is a spectacular way of educating and sensitizing the public about issues that are largely carpeted for short term gain by the private sector. Pictorial representations are capable of invoking a deep emotional response in the viewer, as an artist can elect to combine elements of a narrative in multiple layers building depth and dimension to a cause that would ordinarily be hard to convey as effectively and expediently through any other channel. Art can communicate in one glance, what essays can communicate only with footnotes, parallels, conclusions and references. Each one of my canvases dispenses distilled doses of distressing realities, and its puissance lies with the fact that it can do so within a single frame. I use art as an incisive tool for communication. I do what I do because each piece has the power to percolate and penetrate on a personal scale potentially serving as a catalyst for glocal transformation.