Green Festival Speakers

John The Worm Man Anderson



John thinks different than most, as he chooses not to use the term food chain. A web refers to things dependent on each other, which is really what we are a part of, he says.

Anderson, known as the Worm Man, is skilled in the art of vermicomposting, which creates compost with worms. Vermicompost is a rich soil amendment for area gardens. As a child growing up in Minnesota, Anderson's interest in gardening was evident, I was always digging in the dirt, he says.

After immigrating to Colorado John completed CSUs Larimer County Training Programs and then became a Master Gardener and Composter Volunteer in 1996. Since then, John has given and attended various local, national and international training courses and events, and has been a primary consultant for business, schools and individuals interested in using worms to compost with.

Johns Wormbulance has been featured in various local TV stations and Newspapers in the late 1990s but is now most famous for his appearance in New Belguim Brewerys Follow Your Folly and Mothership Wit beer ad campaigns. Aside from being a fixture at local water festivals, farmers markets, and Earth Day events, John has been a steering committee member, vendor, and presenter for the Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Fair since its inception and a workshop presenter for EarthWorks Expo and Boulder Renaissance of Local.

I do this is to keep material out of the landfill. Waste is not a waste, until you take the action of wasting it, Anderson says.