Green Festival Speakers

Under Kat



At seven years old, Kat Nguyen (stage name: Under Kat) picked up her fathers $20 dollar guitar he acquired in Mexico as a young man. Although it was old, damaged, and out of tune, from the battered instrument birthed a world of possibility that began the first time her tender fingers plucked their very first string. Awaking something in her, Kat began her voyage down a new found enigma of adventure and mystery MUSIC.

Hit with this 10ton freight train of unexpected passion and inspiration, Kat was possessed with a hunger to learn and master this instrument as quickly as possible so that in time, she could hone it to express and share a story of her own. Following her father everywhere, she had him teach her what he could, but being self taught himself, it wasnt long before the grasshopper had surpassed her master.

At the age of 11, proving that she was serious about her talent, Kat was bequeathed with a guitar just for her and slowly, but surely, she evolved from an insecure little novice, unsure of her ability and sound, to an incredibly polished composer, with a voice her very own. By the time she was a teenager, she was coaxing melodies and songs. Songs that sprung from the tortures of understanding her temperamental human existence, that of which was sometimes beautiful, and sometimes cruel.
Currently Kat is in school as a music major, pursuing her passion over a safe and conventional path spending most of her energy finishing her first album, entirely self produced, and recorded, mostly in the middle of the night in the quiet corners of her bedroom. Much of Kats music is an outlet for her struggles as a young female Asian American queer coming to terms with life, society, love, politics and what she sees as the destruction of the Earth and all its creatures. Refusing to be pigeon holed in life as well as in music, her style, like her voice, can be described as a dabble in a little bit of everything: folk, indie, experimental, electronic, and much much more that has yet to be created.