Green Festival Speakers

Danny Kennedy


Danny Kennedy is a passionate activist, successful green-tech entrepreneur and recognized opinion leader on global environmental issues. He was recently named 2011 “Innovator of the Year” by PBS’ program, Planet Forward, for providing an innovative, high-impact and commercially viable solution that responds to the world’s environmental challenges. Danny founded the leading residential solar power company, Sungevity, in 2007, as an integral part of his mission to promote the use of clean energy and eliminate the world’s dependence on fossil fuel. Prior to starting Sungevity, Danny served as a campaign manager for Greenpeace Australia Pacific. Prior to that, Kennedy directed Project Underground, an organization committed to the human rights of people struggling with mining and oil operations. He serves on the board of the Solar Foundation, a global research and education organization in Washington DC, and SolarMosaic, a solar-focused, crowd-funding start up in Berkeley, CA.