Green Festival Speakers

Peter Kime



Peter Kime, MA, MFA, is the founder of Human Radiance and creator of Human Radiance Lightware®, an advanced technology for personal transformation.  He will be offering an experience of this technology as part of the METAGREEN: Grounding the In-vironment panel on Saturday at 1:30pm as a way to support people in awakening to and receiving higher order communion with all life. Come discover some new ways to feel and align with all our relations. For an advance preview of the Lightware experience, visit http://www.humanradiance.com/" target="_blank" style="color: #2a5db0;">www.humanradiance.com and click on the "Try This" link at bottom left. 

Peter is a healer, spiritual life coach, inventor, and teacher. For 23 years he has worked with people to help them realize success in their personal power and expression, relationships, and careers. In 1998, he developed Radiant Touch Therapy and Ixion Field Integrations to facilitate integrated healing and growth in the spiritual, psychological, and physical-energetic domains. Peter has developed and taught several courses in the domain of personal power, radiant passion, heart-knowing, and claiming what you need to thrive in life. He developed Human Radiance Lightware® to provide people with a tool they can use on their own to bring about quality of life shifts, healing, and transformational development. He and his wife Aliess are currently developing Human Radiance Lightware® at the core of a web site for personal growth and transformation. If you'd like to receive the link once the site is ready to launch, please email aliess.kime@att.net.

Peter is located in Evanston and is available for private sessions in person and by phone at 847-869-6477.