Green Festival Speakers

Melinda Kramer



Melinda Kramer is the director of Womens Earth Alliance, an international organization that works at the dynamic intersection of womens empowerment and environmental sustainability. WEA grew out of Women's Global Green Action Network (WGGAN), a global network Melinda coorganized in 2005. WEA, which coordinates the efforts of women environmental advocates and entrepreneurs on six continents, provides both facetoface and virtual mechanisms for women to collaborate, exchange best practices, and build alliances.

Melinda is also the communications and marketing director at the Natural Capital Institute. She works with the NCI team on creating WiserEarth, a collaborative tool and a comprehensive directory to link and empower the largest and fastest growing movement in the world: the hundreds of thousands of organizations within civil society that address social justice, poverty, and the environment.

Prior to her work with WEA and the Natural Capital Institute, Melinda worked around the world with grassroots NGOs pursuing environmental justice, sustainable local economies and indigenous rights. She worked for CARE Kenya in East Africa on sustainable agriculture and health projects and traveled throughout the North Pacific Rim nurturing the emergence of grassroots environmental movements with environmental organization, Pacific Environment. As the Program director of Pacific Environments China and Marine programs, Melinda conducted trainings in media, organizational development, and campaign strategy for NGOs and universities throughout China. She worked with Chinese government, industry, scientists, and media to convene multistakeholder dialogue with citizen groups. Melinda also worked on sustainable fisheries issues in Alaska and the Russian Far East, facilitating a longterm collaborative initiative that involved Russian and Alaskan scientists, policy makers, fisherman, NGOs, and indigenous leaders.

Melinda has also worked with U.S. based environmental organizations as a media and marketing coordinator, including Colorado Public Interest Research Group, and the Sierra Club. Melinda worked with dozens of local groups to build capacity through campaign strategy, coalitionbuilding, media training, market strategy, and legal support.

Melinda has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, Grist Magazine, Worldchanging.com, Blogher, WorldPulse Magazine, the Global Dialogue Center, Womens Radio, and Lilith Magazine. She has published in the Economist, Earth Island Journal, and Feminist.com and has written a chapter for The Politics of the Environment in China, which will be released by the Woodrow Wilson Center Press in late 2007.