Green Festival Speakers

Altfrid Krusenbaum



Altfrid learned to farm in the 1970s, through universitywhere he earned a graduate degree in Animal Sciencesand several internships. As an environmentalist, Altfrids goal was to pursue a healthy alternative to chemicalintensive, large scale agriculture. Agriculture as a business desperately needs a change, he says. I aimed to create a viable alternative that others could follow. And thats exactly what the Krusenbaums have done. Altfrid, along with his wife Sue and their three children, have been farming organically since 1990. They have 115 dairy cows, plus 80 head of young stock, on 320 acres. All but 100 acres, which are planted with various crops, are utilized for a pasturing system called intensive or rotational grazing. The Krusenbaums have also diversified their herd to include chickens and beef cows. Every year the Krusenbaums host interns, so that young people can share in this new vision of the family farm.

The Krusenbaums are one of over 900 family farmers in the Organic Valley cooperative. Organic Valley is the largest organic farmerowned cooperative in the nation. Organic Valley farm families can be found in 27 states from California to Maine. Please visit our website for more information.