Green Festival Speakers

Nancy LaPlaca



Nancy LaPlaca, J.D., is an Energy Consultant with Bardwell Consulting Ltd. Her accomplishments include working with groups around the country to halt the first wave of socalled clean coal plants, including one in Colorado. As a public interest intervener at the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, she is working to include currently uncounted costs such as health effects from burning coal, mercury contamination, air and water pollution, global warming, water use and future constrained water supplies, environmental justice, and toxic natural gas drilling chemicals in groundwater.

Nancys witnesses include expert testimony from natural gas experts, price forecasting, econometric modeling, fossil fuel depletion and parties directly affected by drilling and power plant pollution.

She provided energy consulting, speech writing, OpEd writing and debate preparation for two winning Arizona Corporation Commissioners. She speaks frequently on electricity, coal, carbon sequestration, and other energy issues.

Nancy is working on a proposal to require utilities to provide easytounderstand utility bills that include fuel mix, emissions information. She and her husband, Dr. Andy Bardwell, are committed to promoting the public interest in energy issues.