Green Festival Speakers

Michael Leifer



Michael Leifer is a serial entrepreneur and social media expert. He helps to design and execute integrative communication and engagement strategies to build and grow markets for brands, governmental agencies and causes. Michael CoFounded and Merged guerilla PR (www.guerillapr.com) into influenceXchange earlier this year, which he ran for 9 years and which won the 2008 AdTech Best Social Media Marketing Campaign Award for their work with Wacom Bamboo which acquired 100 million impressions, 20,000 unique drawings and 2 million unique votes within 6 weeks. Some of guerilla's clients included: JohnsonDiversey, ShoreBank, Dwell Magazine, Bioneers, CocaCola, Sony, Nestle, General Mills, Red Bull, Warner Bros, Viacom, Atari, and others. Before guerilla PR, Michael CoFounded and was the Principle of C3live, a Webcasting and Syndication Company that partnered with Yahoo! and Microsoft to produce Alist celebritylaiden exclusive events and syndicated via Viacom companies such as MTV.

Michael is also the Executive Director Emeritus of Erin Brockovitch's Cancer411.org (www.cancer411.org) which had the number 1 3 top search results on Yahoo! for cancer in 1999. Mr. Leifer was also a Founding Member of the UCLA, World Arts and Cultures Major and is the President Emeritus of the Honor's College (www.ucla.edu). Michael has been a 5 year Member of the Advisory Board for Curriculum Design at Ex'pression College (www.expression.edu) and previously taught computer education and digital media at both National Computer Academy (http://www.ncsacademy.com/) and at Williams College via Putney (www.goputney.com).

Michael is also the CoFounder of Eco Dads (www.ecodads.org), which will be launching in March of 2010, and for which the National Council of Science and the Environment is the Fiscal Sponsor (www.ncseonline.org). His book Social Currency will be finished in 2010 and will be available for preorder in April.

Ecodads is a network of dads who serve as positive role models for our children. We build community programs that support sustainable economic, social and environmental development. Ecodads members are motivated catalysts for change.

How to Participate:Become a Member, invest consciously, put your money in the right local bank, build a community garden, green your child's school and youth sport teams, retrofit your neighborhood with solar, share your children's stories, suggest a new project, anchor a local chapter, start a EcoDad's clubhouse, join us on Facebook, followus on Twitter, dialinto our teleconferences, participate in an online rally and attend our webinar practical sustainability series.