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Let Us Rise



Let Us Rise is coordinating a grassroots campaign acrossColorado to envision the kind of communities, Colorado, US and world wewant to live in. Over thirty groups have already hosted VisioningCircles and published their visions for change on our Website.Once we reach a critical mass, we will engage participants in ademocratic process to create a shared vision for Colorado, and anaction plan to implement it.

We are independent of any political party. We believe our true powerlies in transcending the ways in which we are divided, in finding ourshared vision and shared humanity. All are welcome here.

Gather your friends, family, neighbors together in a VisioningCircle of your own! Or do one with your organization, congregation, orbusiness. We will provide facilitators if you wish.

Imagine the power of creating a shared vision for change. Imaginewhat we can do if each one of us takes responsibility for the power wehave to create our world anew.

We do not know if this kind of campaign has ever been tried beforein the U.S. We do know that it worked powerfully in South Africa. Infact, it catalyzed the movement for liberation there.

This process started in Colorado, and we are focused on creating ashared vision for Colorado. But if you are from another state and wantto participate, you are welcome to do so!