Green Festival Speakers

Jason Li


Jason is currently attending his sophomore year of high school at Saratoga High. He is constantly motivated to do his part of reducing carbon emissions and saving energy. Sparked by an economics teacher at his high school, he now strives to help others save energy and recycle as well as educating other students and younger kids about going green. Raised in the Bay Area, he is naturally influenced by business, technology and a variety of different ethnicity and languages. Along with being a strong advocate for both reusing and energy efficiency, he also co-founded iReTron.com, a website that helps people trade in old electronics for cash. iReTron.com was recently launched in promise to be a rewarding, safe, simple and responsible way to reuse or recycle old gadgets. Jason also represents The Enlighten Culture and Education foundation for the Santa Clara County Energy Watch Grant. As much as he loves nature, he wishes to pass his love for the environment to others. Being fluent in Mandarin and literate in Chinese, he wishes to use his skills to educate students and motivate the Chinese community of the Bay Area to do their part to help sustain and reduce unnecessary wastes for our planet.