Green Festival Speakers

Paul Loeb


How do we keep working for change in these difficult times, and overcome our political demoralization and frustration? Loeb has spent thirtyfive years researching and writing about citizen responsibility and empowermentasking what makes some people choose lives of social commitment, while others abstain. With over a hundred thousand copies in print, Loeb's Soul of a Citizen has become a classic handbook for budding activists, veteran organizers, and anyone who wants to make their voices heard and actions count. It's inspired thousands of citizens as an antidote to powerlessness and despair. Eleven years after Soul's original publication, St Martin's has published a wholly updated new edition addressing the challenges and opportunities of our very different time. Loeb is also the author of The Impossible Will Take a Little While, which was named the #3 political book of 2004 by the History Channel and the American Book Association.

Loeb is also the author of three other books including Soul of a Citizen (St Martin's Press), and The Impossible Will Take a Little While: A Citizen's Guide to Hope in a Time of Fear (Basic Books, August 2004). The History Channel and American Book Association named The Impossible the #3 political book of 2004. Loeb has written for the New York Times, Washington Post, Utne Reader, Mother Jones, Psychology Today, The Nation, Christian Science Monitor, and Mother Earth News. Loeb has been interviewed on CNN, NPR, CSPAN, Pacifica, NBC news, the BBC, and national German, Australian, and Canadian radio. Loeb lectures at colleges and conferences nationwide.