Green Festival Speakers

Alec Loorz



Alec Loorz, founder of Kids vs Global Warming, is one of the leading young voices on the issue of climate change, calling the "ruling generation" to consider the needs of his and future generations in their actions. Kids vs Global Warming is focused on empowering young leaders to influence the transition to a sustainable and just society through leadership programs such as the iMatter Council of Youth and a global campaign called the iMatter March - a youth march spanning over 40 countries and 160 cities worldwide. Now, 17 years old and entering his senior year of high school in Ventura CA, Alec has been a climate change activist for 4 years and spoken to over 200,000 people on panels with experts, in presentations at schools, museums, conferences and the UN.  His work has been featured on CNN, CBS, ABC, Discovery Channel, Fox News, Mother Jones, Good Magazine, National Geographic, NY Times and in hundreds of blogs and articles.