Green Festival Speakers

Sean Lovett

Sean Lovett, founder and CEO of Revive Drinks developed "the OG," our first kombucha with the purpose of winning over soda drinkers with a more healthful and delicious alternative. The OG's smooth, crisp and clean flavor has led many people to kick their soda habit. Sean didn't stop at creating an amazingly delicious kombucha, he took it one step further and pioneered a bottle reuse program which he successfully implemented throughout the entire West Coast and Rocky Mountain region. Being certified organic, fair trade and NON GMO is just the starting point for Revive Drinks. Our mission is to operate with a sense of stewardship and environmental conscience. We want to be more thoughtful about how we do business and produce our drinks. Please stop by our booth (459) and experience a taste like no other. Sampling all 3 flavors of Revive: the OG, RED (hibiscus) and GOLD (coffee).