Green Festival Speakers

Miguel Luna



Miguel Luna is the executive director of Urban Semillas, a socially conscientious, reconnaissance and outreach, community-based, watershed-driven organization. Miguel is passionate about educating youth and providing them with the necessary tools to engage and participate in water dialogues, social justice, and environmental equity issues.

Miguel is the founder of Agua University, a water-focused educational program for youth 15–20 years of age and collaborated on the development of the LA River Revitalization Master plan for the City of Los Angeles was appointed to the Proposition “O” Community Oversight Committee He also serves on the City of L.A.’s Food Policy Council.

Miguel is a Principal at GDML, a local firm that specializes in urban design and community engagement. He also guest lectures at universities throughout California presenting on topics including: “Understanding Diversity within Diversity”, “Cultivating Community Relationships vs. Marketing”, and “Community Reconnaissance: Outreach”. Miguel is a native of Colombia and a 25+ year urban resident of Los Angeles. In 2005 he gave up his car and now mostly commutes by bike and public transportation.