Green Festival Speakers

Shannon Mann



For the past seven years, Shannon Mann has been an active member of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, acting as a volunteer crew member during many campaigns, ranging from anti-whaling intervention in the Antarctic to marine conservation efforts in the Galapagos to documentation of the Canadian seal hunt.

Upon hearing Captain Paul Watson speak in 2005 — founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society — Shannon saw the opportunity to become involved in a cause close to her heart, and made a decision that would completely alter the course of her life.She quit her job, sold her car, and set sail as part of a campaign to protect whales in the Antarctic Ocean.

Shannon gained wide public recognition after appearing on four seasons of Animal Planet’s popular Whale Wars series — which documented Sea Shepherd’s Antarctic campaigns — as well as numerous radio and television interviews (including a special on Larry King Live). Many people began to reach out to her for advice on activism and how they, too, could get involved.

While connecting people with grassroots initiatives in their cities, Shannon soon recognized the need to create a hub for activism — a place where volunteers could be connected to causes in their local communities. Founded by Shannon Mann, Backyard Activist is an online hub of connectivity between individuals, non-profit organizations and responsible businesses.