Green Festival Speakers

Tara Marchant



The Collaborative is a national campaign in ten American cities (www.emeraldcities.org), where Marchant works with stakeholder organizations (public, labor, community and industry and workforce development) to bring a collective effort to retrofit our urban core. This creates high road jobs, builds our democracy, reduces energy use and brings direct investments to local communities.

As the creator and Program Manager of the Green Assets Program at the Greenlining Institute, she worked with advocates and elected officials to include communities of color and low-income communities in California’s commitment to going green. She presented throughout the state on climate policy (AB32), energy efficiency, cap and trade, and localized solutions that bring economic and social equity. While working to ensure the infrastructure needed for the green economy to thrive, she kept her artistic life alive acting as the associate producer of 'http://www.heist-themovie.com" target="_blank">Heist-Who Stole the American Dream', which provides a clear narrative of the destruction of our economy over the past thirty years, and how to build it back.