Green Festival Speakers

Lanese Martin


Although originally from Brooklyn, New York Lanese Martin now calls Oakland home. Highly committed to building community, strengthening the green economy and breaking barriers for people of color, Lanese has committed her professional career to working in and around non-profit civic engagement and human rights work. She holds a B.A. in Political Science and a MBA in Sustainable Enterprise from Dominican University of California.

As a former foster youth in New York State, Lanese knows that not everyone is born into life with the same advantages. However, even more importantly she has realized that it is the work we do as a community that can really shape who one becomes. "I feel blessed that I had a community that pushed me to greatness. I broke all statistics, Im not supposed to be receiving a MBA". The only reason I am is the community that invested in me and that is why I am committed to re-investing back into my community.