Green Festival Speakers

Matthew Harris



Matthew Harris is a workshop coordinator and instructor for Solar Energy Internationals (SEI) Sustainable Building Program. In this role he serves as the handson projects manager ; coinstructor for all of SEI's Natural Building workshops, and teaches in the Building for the Future online course.

Educated in Architectural Design at Arizona State University with a focus on sustainable natural building, Matthew shares a vision of a built environment that focuses on regenerative and restorative design strategies. His career in building has traversed the globe consulting and constructing structures of straw bale, cob, adobe, and earthen plasters. As an alumni of Solar Energy Internationals Renewable Energy Education Program, Matthew has spent the past decade working on projects involving solar thermal, solar electric, wind power, and microhydro installations.

Matthew loves to play in the mud and is highly allergic to straw but nevertheless continues to share his passion for natural building and an ecologically sensible built environment.