Green Festival Speakers

Harold McGovern


With this year marking a decade of experience in the Speciality Coffee industry, Harold resides as the Head Barista and Coffee Program Manager at Coffee Bar here in his hometown, San Francisco. His love for coffee has sent him all over the country and world. You can find him behind the bar training staff, pulling shots of espresso at break neck speeds, throwing down in national latte art competitions, fixing high tech espresso machines, and around town sipping all the delicious brews that make SF one of the best cities for Speciality Coffee in the world.

"There are three major reasons why I'm attracted to this industry and they're all rooted in it's progressive nature. First for myself and my personal knowledge base and skills, then also for all of those that I am lucky enough to teach and watch grow, and lastly for the industry itself and the leaps and bounds it's taken since it's inception. Historically coffee has been very damaging in economic and ecologic ways, and it's inspiring to see so much push toward sustainability and better buying practices."