Green Festival Speakers

Gayle McLaughlin

Mayor McLaughlin’s focus on environmental justice has led the city to move forward as a leader in the sector. She has supported community gardens, bike paths, trail construction, and park renovations. Through her efforts, Richmond is leading the Bay Area for solar installed per capita in 2010. Richmond has been awarded for its model green job training program that has graduated hundreds of residents who are now working in the green economy. Mayor McLaughlin joined other mayors and leaders in a partnership for an East Bay Green Corridor. Gayle has advocated fair taxation from corporations, including calling on Chevron to pay all its taxes. She is working to make sure Chevron is held accountable for its polluting fire on Aug 6, 2012. She works side by side a community that has suffered decades of injustices, and is helping showcase how an urban community is transforming itself in the 21st Century.