Green Festival Speakers

Annie McShiras



Annie McShiras is Development Director of the http://www.endowmentethics.org/" target="_blank">Responsible Endowments Coalition, an organization that works to build and unify the college and university-based responsible investment movement--challenging universities to invest their money in more socially and environmentally just ways.

Annie has been active in movements for corporate accountability and economic justice for the past five years. In 2007, her vision of the world shifted when she learned of the realities of modern day slavery while working with Bolivian immigrants at a community-based organization in Argentina. Since then, Annie has worked in organizations on issues ranging from sustainable agriculture to homelessness prevention. Her passion lies in the creation and development of alternative economic models to mainstream capitalism.

She is on the editorial team of a collective publication on economic alternatives, Grassroots Economic Organizing (GEO) and is a member of the http://www.solidaritynyc.org" target="_blank">SolidarityNYC collective, an organization committed to building a solidarity & cooperative economy in New York City.