Green Festival Speakers

Marty Metro

Metro is an eco-entrepreneur with a “if at first you don’t succeed” attitude and a track record to prove it! In 2002, he started a chain of eco-friendly retail stores to buy and sell USED moving boxes. His attempt was under-capitalized and riddled with logistic flaws. After years without an income, Metro ceased all operations, leaving himself with more than $300,000 in personal debt. But, Metro tirelessly pursued his dream. In 2006, he revised the plan and re-launched a scalable, tech-centric model to buy and sell millions of used boxes. This time, it grew to a national logistics firm helping some of the largest US companies achieve zero waste, and Entrepreneur Magazine writing an article entitled: “From Business Failure to Multimillion-Dollar Green Niche.” Metro graduated Cum Laude from University of Maryland and earned an MBA from the University of Arizona, before his career as a supply chain consultant turn eco-entrepreneur.