Green Festival Speakers

Marty Metro



Metro is the Founder & CEO of UsedCardboardBoxes.com (UCB), a national reuse company tackling the gratuitous $50 billion cardboard industry, where most boxes are used once, then recycled or thrown away. A prolific eco-entrepreneur, Metro balances the need for financial returns with his passion for environmental and social responsibility. In 2002, Metro launched a retail model to serve the LA area. This first attempt was under-capitalized and riddled with logistical challenges, forcing him to cease operations in 2005 and absorb over $300,000 of personal debt. Within just one year, Metro was able to raise venture capital, rewrite the plan and launch a scalable, tech-centric model, known today as UCB. Beginning with Los Angeles, Metro expanded UCB across the US and now services some of the largest companies in the nation. Metro holds an MBA from the University of Arizona and graduated Cum Laude from the University of Maryland.